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Notre Dame 99-to-0: No. 13 Gi’Bran Payne, freshman running back, late recruit

Gi’Bran Payne’s recruitment was unique in its timing, as will be the start of his Notre Dame career. The freshman RB should get carries in early September.



The listed height and weight are 5′ 9″ and 198 pounds. 2022–2023, admissibility: Payne, a freshman, is still eligible for all four seasons. Depth Diagram Payne turned from a luxury to a necessity after early-enrolled freshman Jadarian Price injured his Achilles during summer workouts and sophomore Logan Diggs tore his labrum in the Blue-Gold Game. These injuries propelled Payne from fifth-string to third-string before he even got on campus. Recruitment: Payne was attracted to Indiana by Deland McCullough. He signed an early signing period contract with the Hoosiers in December, ranking as the class’s No. 21 running back and a consensus four-star prospect on Payne requested that Indiana remove him from his National Letter of Intent when McCullough accepted the position of running backs coach at Notre Dame.

The Hoosiers were under no duty to agree to that request, but they agreed, and in March Payne reopened his recruitment. Before deciding on Notre Dame in the middle of April, the Cincinnati product reduced his options to the Irish and Kentucky.

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WHAT ACTIVITIES WERE UNDERWAY WHEN PAYNE SIGNED IN APRIL The class’s No. 14 recruit in Ohio, Payne easily escapes arm tackles and frequently advances the line of scrimmage. Although there is no shortage of football skill in the greater Cincinnati area, Payne spent his entire high school career avoiding his rivals.

2022 OUTLOOK Payne cannot even be considered an example that disproves the general trend that most players join in December because post-February signings are so uncommon. He would have been eligible for such a note if he had signed with the Irish in February. Payne became a once-every-four-years anomaly when he enrolled in the class of 2022 in April.

That might come up a few times in the beginning of the season before being swiftly forgotten, both of which will highlight how crucial he suddenly becomes to Notre Dame. Payne already has a good frame, and in high school, when he was healthy, he looked far better than the class’s No. 21 running back. He ought to be able to participate straight immediately, at the very least in a moderate capacity.

Ireland requires him to. Diggs will probably be out for the majority of September, if not all of it, and Price will be gone for the whole season, making Payne the No. 3 back at Ohio State in 40 days.


Let’s put the fact in a harsher context: There may be as few as eight receivers and running backs on the Notre Dame team who were scholarship prospects when the Irish hit the field in front of almost 105,000 spectators against a national title contender. In September, Notre Dame won’t have a full two-deep at the skill positions unless at least four of them are expected to be on the field for the majority of snaps. In that case, the Irish will have to rely on their running backs.

With only sophomore Audric Estime and Payne remaining in the backfield, junior Chris Tyree might see some time at receiver. Payne needs to have shown himself throughout preseason workouts for that strategy to be effective.

Even just that will make people think about his late recruitment and signing. Producing in the fall will cause that plot to tumble to the bottom of the metaphorical inactive pyramid because his actual in-game performances will garner more credit.

Given the hazy schedule for Diggs’ return, it is challenging to predict Payne’s 2022 stats, but it is almost certain that Payne will lose a year of eligibility this season if he plays in more than four games. He might participate in every game in September before acting as the mop-up back in October’s routs against Stanford, UNLV, and Syracuse. He ought to make a long touchdown run in one of those, providing at least one highlight for these unusual responsibilities.


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IN THE DOWN ROAD The offseason’s injuries highlight how uncertain running back depth and every running back’s future are. Tyree might be pushed to the NFL after this season for that reason alone. If not, he will almost certainly make that jump after the 2023 season because his career will have been cut short by four seasons of college playing.

Diggs, Estime, Price, and Payne will be left. While Estime and Payne are the less well-known players, both Diggs and Price have made an impression in the past year, Diggs notably in the fall and Price this spring. Because Estime and Payne will have opportunities to compare their impressions to those of Diggs and Price, this September should provide a stronger indication of future pecking orders.

In any case, the Irish will require as much depth as they can maintain. At least, that was the main justification for pursuing Payne after the recruiting period was over. The most important thing for Notre Dame will be to simply maintain that depth as a whole, even though he may eventually ascend to the top of it.


Gi’Bran Payne, a recent recruit to Notre Dame for 2022, returned to campus for the Blue-Gold Game. April 24, 2022 — Matt Freeman (@mattfreemanISD)

99 to 0 for NOTRE DAME

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Josh Bryan, a sophomore kicker, is No. 91. Aiden Gobaira, a four-star prospect and the No. 91 defensive end, enrolled early. Junior defensive end Alexander Ehrensberger, No. 90, a German project that is almost finished Mitchell Evans, a sophomore tight end, is ranked 88. Junior tight end Michael Mayer, ranked 87, is very certainly an All-American. Holden Staes, the 85th-ranked incoming freshman tight end Junior tight end Kevin Bauman, number 84 Jayden Thomas, a sophomore receiver and former four-star recruit, is ranked 83. 80th tight end Cane Berrong, a sophomore who recently had an ACL injury One of four young Irish offensive tackles wearing number 79 is Tosh Baker. Pat Coogan, the No. 78 center, is a sophomore who is rehabilitating from a meniscus injury. No. 76 Joe Alt, a sophomore starting left tackle, and No. 77 Ty Chan, an incoming offensive tackle and former four-star prospect Josh Lugg, the 75th-ranked offensive lineman, is most likely to start at right guard. No. 74 Billy Schrauth, a rookie offensive guard who enrolled early and recently had foot surgery Andrew Kristofic (No. 73), a former offensive lineman who is now a guard. Caleb Johnson, number 72, is a sophomore offensive tackle and former Auburn commit. Michael Carmody, a junior offensive line utility man, is ranked 68. Long snapper No. 65 Michael Vinson, “Milk” Chris Smith, a 65th-ranked defensive tackle and Harvard transfer Consensus four-star incoming freshman offensive lineman No. 59 Aamil Wagner No. 58, incoming freshman center Ashton Craig No. 57 Jayson Ademilola, a defensive tackle in his sixth season who recently had shoulder surgery Joey Tanona, the offensive guard ranked 56th, is returning from a concussion. No. 55 Jarrett Patterson, fifth-year offensive lineman, three-year starting center, captain No. 54 Jacob Lacey, senior defensive tackle, now lighter and a starter No. 56 Howard Cross, senior defensive tackle with strong hands, which is a positive thing No. ‘Ginormous’ No. 54 Blake Fisher, a sophomore starting right tackle Zeke Correll, a senior center or left guard, is number 52. 52nd-ranked Bo Bauer, an Ironman and fifth-year linebacker Rocco Spindler, a sophomore offensive guard, is ranked 50. No. 47 Jason Oyne, a sophomore defensive end-turned-tackle, and No. 48 Will Schweitzer, a sophomore end-turned-linebacker Junior Tuihalamaka, a consensus four-star recruit who enrolled early as a freshman linebacker, and No. 44 Alex Peitsch, a junior long snapper No. 42 Nolan Ziegler, a freshman linebacker who enrolled early and has Irish heritage Brother of Kurt, No. 40 Joshua Burnham, a freshman linebacker who switched to end, No. 41 Donovan Hinish, an incoming defensive tackle Osita Ekwonu, a senior Vyper end recovering from an Achilles injury, is ranked 34. Senior defensive end NaNa Osafo-Mensah, number 31 No. 28 TaRiq Bracy, a starting nickel back in his fifth season, is a former walk-on who is a fifth-year receiver and punt returner. Senior linebacker JD Bertrand, number 27, is recovering from a debilitating wrist injury. Cornerback Philip Riley, No. 25, a sophomore Chris Tyree, a junior running back, is a potential Irish bellcow. Jack Kiser, a senior linebacker, is a second-year starter. Jayden Bellamy, a freshman cornerback who enrolled early, is ranked No. 23. Justin Walters, a sophomore safety, is ranked No. 22, and Logan Diggs, a sophomore running back with a shoulder injury, is ranked No. 22. Jaden Mickey, a freshman cornerback who enrolled early, and Jadarian Price, a running back who enrolled early but has an Achilles rupture Freshman cornerback Benjamin Morrison, number 20 No. 18 18 Steve Angeli, a rookie quarterback and star of the Blue-Gold Game, Chance Tucker, a sophomore cornerback Future Rover and No. 17 Jaylen Sneed is a linebacker who enrolled early. Brandon Joseph, a 16th-ranked Northwestern transfer and starting safety, Deion Colzie, a sophomore receiver, ranks 16th. Freshman receiver Tobias Merriweather, ranked 15th, was a remarkable recruit. Cornerback Ryan Barnes, No. 15, a sophomore Harvard will test No. 14 Bryce McFerson, a rookie punter. Eli Raridon, a tight end who will be a freshman and has an ACL injury, tweets to @d farmer about Notre Dame’s 99-to-0 victory: Gi’Bran Payne, a freshman running back and late recruit, was ranked number thirteen.