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Nominate your favorite businesses for the 2022 readers’ choice awards

You have until July 27 to nominate, and then voting will begin to decide which one you and your neighbors think is the best in town.



Do you have a favorite spot in town where you may go for coffee or to shop, whether you want to buy clothes or tools? Do you know a company that ought to get more credit for the excellent services it renders?

We are currently accepting nominations for the 2022 readers’ choice competition. You get to choose which local businesses should be included in the competition!

To suggest a company, go here.

Voting to determine which candidate you and your neighbors believe to be the greatest in town will start once the nomination period ends on July 27. Following the selection of the winners, there will be a special section recognizing the greatest companies, regardless of whether they were winners or finalists. If you ever need advice on where to eat, get a haircut, or anything else, keep this area handy.


Don’t be afraid to honor your town by nominating as many businesses as you like!

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