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NFL uses its platforms to push flag football World Games finals

The world-famous NFL wants to globalize football by starting with flag football. In order to do that, the league is now in talks about how it will happen in the Olympics and promoting around the glob



The NFL wants to take football around the world. The most recent objective in that direction is to make flag football a truly international sport.

The league explicitly wants flag football to be a part of the Olympics. The league is currently actively promoting flag football to its home audience in order to achieve that goal.

In the first-ever flag football World Games, the USA defeated Italy on Thursday to win the gold medal. Through its website and extensive Twitter following of more than 30 million users, the NFL actively promoted the game. eventually published a full-fledged game story with a link on the home page of the league-owned website.

A link to the article about Mexico defeating the USA in the women’s flag football championship can also be found on the top page.


Of course, the league is free to use its platforms anyway it pleases. The league wants people to embrace flag football in this particular situation. The league desires to see flag football expand. The league desires the Olympic inclusion of flag football. In the long run, the league wants tackle football to be an Olympic sport.

All of this is a part of the larger initiative to elevate a billion-dollar sport to a trillion-dollar one. The goal is to completely internationalize the National Football League. It aims to increase the number of individuals outside of our boundaries who watch games, purchase goods, and invest time and effort in NFL-related material.

As a result, if you’re wondering why the NFL is now imposing flag football on a skeptical American audience, that’s why. We are not the focus. The goal of the league is to increase global interest in the sport.

Let’s see if it succeeds. The inclusion of flag football in the 2028 Olympics will be the first specified goal.


NFL promotes flag football on its platforms Pro Football Talk was the initial source for the World Games finals.