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Next week, early access on MultiVersus goes live

Get ready to dance!



Warner Bros. plans to launch its crossover platform fighter MultiVersus to a bigger audience very soon after a successful limited alpha test in May. The business today revealed that the zany fighting game’s open beta will be released for free on July 26 for PC, Xbox platforms, and PlayStation systems. Additionally, beginning on July 19, those who either already took part in the closed alpha or who have earned an early access pass via a Twitch Drops campaign will be allowed to begin playing the beta in its early access state.

Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, announced the beta’s launch date in a video and added that any progress made during the beta—such as character advancement and item unlocks—would carry over into the finished product. This reaffirmed the idea that the beta will essentially serve as the game’s soft launch. Huynh added that the Player First Games team has plans to add more cosmetics, maps, and characters in the upcoming months.

Given WB’s extensive portfolio of IP, it’s impossible to predict who might eventually join the game’s lineup. Character projections have, of course, been all over the place. In addition to Batman, Arya Stark, and Shaggy, leaks claim that characters like Samurai Jack, the Powerpuff Girls, and even Ted Lasso may soon enter the fray.

Notably, the beta will reveal The Iron Giant, a significant WB character, for the first time. Despite the giant’s notoriety and importance as an icon, he wasn’t present in earlier playable tests. That didn’t stop him from becoming a popular discussion starter, though. Due of the giant’s portrayal in the nonviolent movie The Iron Giant, the decision to incorporate the character in the combat game MultiVersus has caused some debate.