Nerlens Noel Is Suing His Former Agent Rich Paul For $58 Million

One of the most well-liked NBA agents is Rich Paul. He represents a number of prominent athletes, including LeBron James, Trae Young, Draymond Green, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, John Wall, Lonzo Ball, and others. In addition to becoming an agent, he has followed other economic endeavors and prospered in those as well.

One participant, though, is unaware of what Paul has done for him, or more rather, what he has neglected to do.

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In 2017, Paul and Noel first connected during Simmons’ birthday celebration. Noel had been handled by Happy Walters ever since he entered the league in 2013; nevertheless, the agency implied he might secure a better deal for Noel. Paul persuaded Noel to sign with him instead of Walters by referring to him as a “$100 million man.”

Noel has completed the process by agreeing to a four-year, $70 million contract with the Dallas Mavericks. Instead, he accepted a one-year, $4.1 million qualifying offer from Dallas — an opportunity to prove himself for a big deal next year.

Along the way, Noel alleges Paul and Klutch Sports didn’t reach out to teams or return their calls — causing what could have been a lucrative free agent market to dry up. The center also discovered that his agent frequently ignored lesser-known athletes in favor of big-name athletes.

Noel just committed to a three-year, $32 million deal to remain in New York after finding a comfortable niche with the Knicks. George Langberg, his new agent, represented him in that transaction. In December 2020, Noel ended his collaboration with Paul and Klutch Sports.

Noel may have decided to go ahead with the lawsuit after Paul filed a grievance, alleging Noel owed him $200,000 in commission from another deal he brokered. That action might have prompted Noel to respond.

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