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Musk Says Trump ‘Too Much Drama,’ Should Sit Out 2024 Race

Elon Musk said Donald Trump should “sail into the sunset” rather than run for president again and predicted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will easily beat Joe Biden if the two square off in 2024.



if he would support Trump, who has made a strong suggestion that he may run again, in an interview with Bloomberg News last month, Musk replied he was unsure.

Musk, 51, began tweeting in September of last year that he liked to remain out of politics, but has since become more outspoken about his views. His most recent remarks were in response to the insults Trump leveled at him at a rally in Alaska over the weekend.

Trump claimed that Musk’s latest claim that he cast his first Republican ballot in June was in conflict with what Musk had previously informed him. The former president called the merger agreement with Twitter Inc. that Musk is currently attempting to terminate “rotten” and used an expletive to insult Musk.

Musk was more subdued in his criticism of Trump, saying that he doesn’t “hate the man” and urging Democrats to “hold off the attack” on the previous president.


Musk stated in a Bloomberg interview from last month that he was prepared to contribute about $25 million to a political action committee. He mentioned establishing a super PAC to promote centrist candidates from all parties in a tweet earlier. For months, he has consistently attacked Biden and Democrats, alleging that the president is subservient to labor unions and that the party is harming his businesses.

Biden has dismissed Musk’s digs and pessimistic assessment of the US economy. He sent the millionaire “lots of luck on his voyage to the moon” last month.

(Updates with Musk’s prior statement in the fourth paragraph that he preferred to remain out of politics. The time reference in the final paragraph was fixed in an earlier version of this article.)

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