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Multiversus Tier List – The Best Characters in Multiversus

Double Taz vs Double Taz anyone?



It’s remarkable how quickly a meta has formed in MultiVersus, given how young the game is. Despite its obvious similarities to Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, and others, the Warner Bros. brawler game has taken the fighting game community by storm.

The meta is influenced by

After a little over a week of battles, the superior colorful characters have begun to emerge. Support characters as a whole need a rethink from the developers because they are currently too specialized to have a significant impact on games. However, the game’s lightning-fast pace and responsive controls make some characters’ abilities impractical to use in real life. But as was to be expected, the game’s focus is on the bruising classes, with the assassins close behind.

Different hitbox sizes also play a significant role, with the Iron Giant, for example, proving to be a bit too big of a target to reliably pull off his nasty combos without taking some damage himself. When deciding whether you will be the attacker or the defender, reach is crucial because it determines the order of simultaneous hits and the amount of overlap between frames.


The Multiverse’s Top Tier S+: Taz

Taz has been such a formidable opponent throughout the Open Beta that he was given his own elite tier. The combination of his superhuman mobility and the ease with which he can use his OP (and easy to use) ability Taz-nado makes him nearly impossible to counter. Taking out enemies left and right has reached an all-time high, prompting the developers to admit they have a problem and begin investigating. However, until that time comes, Taz is the most powerful person in the MultiVerse.

Stronger than Batman, by a Lot

Harley Quinn



There’s a reason why these players are considered among the game’s best. Their equipment is versatile and well-rounded, covering all bases in terms of mobility, damage, mitigation, and range. Shaggy’s equipment is formidable and adaptable, making him a formidable threat on the battlefield despite our initial surprise at his placement here. They can win matches with little effort because they are all so skilled.

A tier

Stark, Arya


Canine Character: Jake


The Amazing Amazonian Warrior Princess

These people are formidable opponents. They are on the verge of greatness and, in the hands of someone who is familiar with their techniques, can outperform those of higher tiers. Aside from Arya, all of these characters are very good at making and keeping space for themselves and their allies, highlighting the significance of this skill.


Low Quality Bugs Bunny

The Finn the Man

Those two lovable rascals, Tom and Jerry

These individuals aren’t necessarily the most powerful, but they’re a good fit for the middle tier. Particularly effective as a surprise pick against more meta opponents, they can be devastating in the hands of experts who have honed their moves to perfection. But they often lag in one or more areas, or have glaring flaws that make them more challenging to pilot to victory and those crucial ringouts.


C-Grade Garnet


Such individuals are, at best, subpar, and, more often than not, actively harmful to their squad. Reindog’s Love Leash and Velma’s Motivational Speaker are just two examples of the gimmicks that keep these shows from being ranked among the worst in the business. In competitive play, however, these heroes can’t win without being carried.

Iron Giant, Tier D


An Intergalactic Adventure with Steven Universe

The last, worst option. Because of their severe flaws, these two players are practically useless at the moment. As was previously mentioned, Iron Giant is simply too large of a target for any form of knockback resistance to be effective. His skills are overly intricate for the benefit they provide. However, Steven’s equipment is so weak that it is hardly useful to him at all. His greatest accomplishment was avoiding a disastrous platform tumble. These two are unfortunate draft busts unless they undergo significant revisions.