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MLB The Show 22 provides the year with all the features needed to enjoy this game!

Which All-Stars game?



In honor of the upcoming MLB All-Star Game in 2022, why not add a brand-new special episode to the MLB The Show 22 lineup? The All-Stars of the Franchise went live today, thanks to a move by San Diego Studios on July 18. In addition to 30 All-Star cards with upgraded stats and special live quirks on the Live Series versions of these players, users can now claim 30 All-Star cards.

And now for the fun part: how does it all play out? For this event, we’ll take a look at the prizes and how to get XP, as well as the requirements.

Rewarding the franchise’s top players

Here is a breakdown of the rewards and XP requirements for the All-Stars of the Franchise:


This program grants access to a set of 18 All-Stars of the Franchise trading cards. Be aware that the All-Stars of the Franchise players obtained from Choice Packs can be sold in this program.

How to get XP

MLB The Show 22 has a variety of ways to earn XP for newcomers. Players can earn XP by playing various modes in MLB The Show 22, such as Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, and even March to October, in order to progress through the game. This show now features Moments of the Day and Featured Program Moments. The Featured Moments give the same amount of XP for each completed task as the Daily Moments.

It’s possible to gain XP in this program by completing SDS’s Missions. Legends and Flashback pack cards can be used to grind for PXP points. It is possible to earn 2,000 XP by completing PXP Missions for each of the players in these packs.


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The Jet Stream, a new challenge in MLB The Show, has also been added. The completion of this quest will grant the user 30,000 XP. Player programs and a Showdown will be on the lookout for you, as well.

The duration of this course is three weeks. It will come to an end on the ninth of August.