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MLB Home Run Derby bets and predictions

LADMI Home Run Derby 2020 betting odds: Best bets, picks, and predictions



Will Pete Alonso win the Home Run Derby for a third time in a row, or can Juan Soto or Kyle Schwarber challenge him? When the eight-man, bracket-style HR derby format takes place on Monday night at Dodger Stadium, all eyes will be on these sluggers, and you can expect that many spectators and bettors will be examining the odds boards and attempting to predict the winner.

Alonso beat Orioles’ Trey Mancini (23-22) in the 2021 Home Run Derby’s championship game at Coors Field with 74 home runs and +550 odds. Since the betting markets must recognize Alonso’s ability to repeatedly smash baseballs into the stands, anticipate him to be the odds-on favorite this time around in contrast to previous season.

Who will participate in the HR Derby in 2022?

New York Mets pitcher Pete Alonso


Acua Jr., Ronald, Atlanta Braves

Cardinals of St. Louis’ Albert Pujols

Washington Nationals Juan Soto

the Philadelphia Phillies’ Kyle Schwarber




Five of the eight competitors in the 2022 Home Run Derby are currently known. All five players were chosen for the 2022 All-Star Game as well because they will be playing in the Tuesday midsummer classic for their respective divisions.

In the upcoming days, the names of the final three contestants will be revealed. For immediate coverage of the participants in the Home Run Derby in 2022, be sure to visit our thread on Who Is in the Home Run Derby?


? Three-Pete In the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, Pete Alonso is BACK in search of consecutive victories. @Mets | @LGRed July 11, 2022 MLB — MLB Network (@MLBNetwork) Home Run Derby odds for 2022

The odds for the Home Run Derby will be posted by sportsbooks once the complete field is known. A number of props are available for the event in addition to betting on who will win the 2022 Home Run Derby, ranging from a player’s over/under on total home runs hit to head-to-head confrontations for the bracket-style game.

A total of 309 home runs were hit during the previous campaign, with Juan Soto of the Nationals’ outfield sending the farthest ball 520 feet off his bat. Given that the derby is being held in Los Angeles this year, it’s unlikely that a ball would travel that far, but don’t discount these sluggers’ capacity to drive the baseball more than 500 feet.

The individual batter deserves the most of the credit, but a player’s pitcher also has an impact on how well they do given that they are also up against the clock. Without Dave Jauss, the former Mets bench coach, pitching to Pete Alonso, he might not have been as successful. Jauss will be Alonso’s pitcher in this year’s Derby, which gives Pete a chance to win his third straight championship.


The 4 Pitch Overlay by Dave Jauss (consecutive pitches). — Rob Friedman (Pitching Ninja, Twitter) Home Run Derby expert selections and best bets for July 13, 2021

For some of our finest wagers and predictions on the match, check back once the eight-man field has been fixed in stone. Alonso will be difficult to wager against, but until we see the entire board, we definitely can’t offer any official suggestions.