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Minecraft Grindstone guide

It’s not hard to get.



There are many blocks in Minecraft that can be utilized to improve oneself. There are several locations you should think about including in your living space, whether you plan to craft anything with a crafting table or enchant something on an anvil. One of the blocks with these purposes that is more frequently ignored is the Grindstone. What it does and how to make one are shown here.

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A Grindstone in Minecraft: How to Make One

Although Grindstones will inevitably show up in some villages if there is a Weaponsmith, you can also make one on your own. Two Sticks, one Stone Slab, and two Planks of any kind are required for this. The crafting recipe calls for the Sticks in the top left and right corners, the Slab in the top middle, and the Planks in the left middle and right middle slots when you have those materials. When finished, transfer the Grindstone to your inventory.


What a grindstone is used for in Minecraft

You can use a Grindstone to convert a Villager’s occupation into a Weaponsmith after you have one made. Additionally, by merging two of the same kind of item, objects can be repaired in it. The Grindstone will mend the item and grant you experience based on the enchantment present if any of them have an equipped enchantment. Curses are not part of the enchantments that are taken off of goods, and the custom names that were created using a Name Tag also do not vanish.

You must take your item to an Anvil if you want to simply repair it without erasing any enchantments. When you have two items that are not very durable, grindstones are usually used to start anew with one of them. Additionally, it is a wonderful way to gain experience from things you don’t use frequently.