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Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000 concept is the EQXX of the 1980s

Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000 concept is the EQXX of the 1980s



Earlier in 2022, Mercedes-Benz showed off a futuristic one-off prototype it called EQXX to show off the capabilities of its electric technology. Check out our in-depth review of the EQXX’s driving abilities here. The sleek sedan won’t go into production, but it’s just one of many tech-driven concept vehicles the company has created to showcase its R&D to the public. Auto 2000, released in 1981, was a major inspiration for Mercedes-lineup. Benz’s

Investigation Model (e.g. Cadillac)

The Auto 2000 was unveiled at the 1981 Frankfurt Motor Show as an example of what a high-end automobile of the future might look like. Mercedes-Benz didn’t come up with the idea on its own; the company developed the prototype in response to a challenge issued by the West German government in 1980. Officials tasked Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen with developing a fully functional vehicle that was significantly more fuel efficient than the models currently speeding down the autobahn, without sacrificing range, maneuverability, interior space, or passenger comfort.

Mercedes-Benz tried out a gas V8 engine with a cylinder deactivation system, a turbodiesel V6, and a gas turbine. The diesel-powered version had a top speed of 93 mph and a range of 534 miles. It produced 150 horsepower. Similarly to the EQXX, the Auto 2000’s high efficiency was achieved through the incorporation of aerodynamic enhancements. A large glass hatch and a Kamm tail capped off its swept-back design. The front end was angled and the bumper lacked grilles or air dams. The hubcaps even attempted to improve aerodynamics. Together, the designers were able to achieve a drag coefficient of 0.28, which is on par with the new EQB.


The Auto 2000 was never intended to reach the final assembly line destination. Once engineers had wrung every last drop of data from it, the car was put through its paces on public roads before being retired to the Mercedes-Benz museum collection. This is probably going to happen to the EQXX as well, since these two moving labs are related. It’s too soon to tell how much of an impact the EQXX will have on future Mercedes models, but looking back, we can see how Auto 2000 elements were integrated into the entire lineup.

The angular face was a dead ringer for the W201 generation 190 that debuted in 1982, and the design was eventually applied to the rest of the line. The W124, which debuted in 1984 and became the original E-Class, and the W140, the second generation of the S-Class, both featured this design. Mercedes-Benz has produced millions of turbodiesel V6 engines since the 1990s, and Cadillac has experimented with cylinder deactivation technology. The Kamm tail and gas turbine, for better or worse, remained, however.

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