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Meet the nominees for All-USA Today HSSA Girls Tennis Player of the Year, sponsored by Wilson

These 24 standouts will be honored as nominees for 2021-22 Girls Tennis Player of the Year, sponsored by Wilson, at the USA Today H.S. Sports Awards



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And they are the nominees:

2021–2022 Wilson-sponsored All-USA TODAY HSSA Girls Tennis Shyla Aggarwal attends Mason High (Ohio) Alyssa Ahn, a junior at Torrey Pines High School (California) FR Kinaa Graham, Westwood High School (Texas), SO Olivia Dorner, South Williamsport Area High School (Pennsylvania), SR Jane Dunyon, Weber High School (Utah), JR Ann Guerry, Westminster Schools (Georgia), SR Lauren Han, Clackamas High School (Oregon), SO Grace Levelston, Vero Beach High School (Florida), FR Emma Baker, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (Arizona) — JR Helen Sarikulaya, Thomas S. Wootton High School (Maryland); SR Lizzie Novak, Mattawan High School (Michigan); SR Valeria Ray, Doral Academy (Florida); SR Emma Sun, Westlake High School (California) — JR Kaede Usui, Franklin High School; SR Maeve Thornton, Knoxville Catholic High School (Tennessee) (Wisconsin) — JR Stephanie Yakoff, Fort Lee High School; FR Esha Velaga, North Penn High School (Pennsylvania) (New Jersey) — University Liggett School’s JR Maddy Zampardo (Michigan) — JR Lauren Zhang, Connecticut’s Darien High School — FR


Originally published on USA TODAY, this article says: Meet the contenders for the Wilson-sponsored All-USA Today HSSA Girls Tennis Player of the Year award.