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Man Goes On Epic Quest To Apologize To DoorDasher He Accidentally Yelled At

Such a great ending.



This anecdote will hit home if you’ve ever gone to considerable lengths to apologize. An Australian guy was shocked to learn that the DoorDasher bringing his McDonald’s mistook him for his dog’s correction while the man was actually yelling at the dog. Melbourne resident Mark Polchleb watched the CCTV tape from his home and saw the misunderstanding.

Get away from the door, mate! is said in the security video that Polchleb posted on TikTok just before you can hear loud barking in the background. The DoorDasher, Sami, is then seen in the video stepping away from the door and attempting to take a picture of the delivery while simultaneously stepping back from it.

In the first of several TikTok videos, Polchleb stated that the incident had him “really losing sleep” and that he wanted to make peace with Sami.

Polchleb tried to contact Sami through DoorDash to express his regret for the error and to give him an extra tip, but he had little success.


You can no longer immediately contact the driver because it happened two nights ago, Polchleb stated. So, I used that chat to get in touch with the support personnel and send them a message. I inquired if I may tip him, but regrettably they said no because it has been two days. I would love to offer you a tip or a McFlurry similar to the one you brought me if you can arrange for someone to do so or if you personally contact me.

Sami was discovered as a result of Polchleb’s initial TikTok gaining approximately 40 million views. After Sami’s daughter saw the first video, a meeting between Sami and Polchleb was scheduled.

In a video that chronicles the end of his mission, Polcheib said, “This afternoon I got to head out and meet with my DoorDasher Sami to say thank you in person and make sure he was satisfied.” It was wonderful to meet him and his family, who were incredibly pleased of his efforts to gather money for his son’s trip abroad.

Even better news is revealed in the story’s epilogue. After learning about the incident, DoorDash granted Sami lifetime Top Dasher designation as well as additional Dasher pay. A GoFundMe page was also created to assist Sami in funding his trip to France to see his kid. The campaign has already raised close to $8,000 so far.