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Man arrested after planning to shoot up a Memphis arena

A man said he wanted to kill everyone he saw coming from the FedEx Forum arena while distraught over a breakup, police said.



Arrests were made in the case of a 28-year-old man who planned a mass shooting at an arena in Memphis because of a breakup, police said.

“Everyone he saw coming” from the FedEx Forum arena was Elijah Hyman’s goal, according to his confession.

Police reported that he had been taken into custody and charged with carrying out a terrorist act.

Police in Tennessee say they arrested a man who had been planning a mass shooting at a local arena after he was arrested for domestic violence.


Authorities say 28-year-old Elijah Hyman intended to assassinate “everyone he saw coming from an event” at the FedEx Forum before he was arrested and charged with terrorist acts, according to a statement from the Memphis Police Department.

Hyman and his girlfriend were discovered by police after they responded to a call to his apartment at 2:48 a.m. on Saturday.

“Hyman appeared to be in a bad way after he and his girlfriend called it quits. In light of Hyman and his girlfriend’s split, officers were told that he wanted to kill himself and everyone he saw entering the FedEx Forum, which was hosting a concert “officers say.

Police haven’t said when Hyman planned to carry out the attack, but rapper Yo Gotti tweeted about a threat following a performance at the FedEx Forum on Friday night.


Three hours after the end of Birthday Bash, Yo Gotti tweeted, “We were informed of a potential threat regarding an individual seeking to harm attendees leaving Birthday Bash that occurred.” He thanked Memphis police for their “swift and proactive action.”

Hyman’s hand was bleeding from “being cut from a glass window inside of his apartment,” according to the authorities who responded to the call.

“Hyman allegedly kept a slew of weapons in his apartment, according to police. taken to the hospital for treatment and evaluation in handcuffs “According to the police report, Hyman’s apartment was searched as part of a search warrant, and several weapons were seized.

It appears that a new court date has been set for Hyman, who was arrested in Shelby County on Friday.