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Los Angeles Police are collecting cars and putting them into impound to prevent car thefts

The campaign led to 40 arrests in 2 days.



The Los Angeles Police Department is cracking down hard on the increasingly common “takeovers” of municipal streets by automobile exhibitions. The enforcement has intensified over the past month, particularly in the wake of a collision involving a Hellcat and a recently built bridge. The department hinted last week that it would start impounding vehicles that were either used in the exhibition or were being driven by showgoers “very soon.” Those impounds started this past weekend.

The department revealed it had seized 34 vehicles on Friday and Saturday night in a thread on Twitter. A widebody Dodge Charger, an Infiniti G35, and a Nissan 350Z are among the vehicles being removed in the included photographs. The thread claims that the campaign stopped or stopped “many takeovers” across the city.

The police agency also asserts that during the operation, it issued 82 tickets and made 40 arrests. One of those arrests, according to the LAPD, was connected to an attempted murder warrant.

The department faces a challenging task even though the strategy to end the street performance scene in and around Los Angeles may be vast. In the first half of 2021 alone, nearly 500 takeovers were recorded by the Los Angeles Times; this year, that figure is apparently up to 705 takeovers. Many more cars will need to be seized over many more weekends if this tactic is to put an end to takeovers in Los Angeles.


through MotorTrend.