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Legendary 150-Year-Old Texas Ranch Hits The Market For $192.2 Million

You can get a piece of Texas history for for $192.5 million. The 150-year-old, 142,000-acre 6666 Ranch has hit the market for the first time.



The 6666 Ranch is located between Lubbock and Dallas. The same family has owned the 142,000-acre ranch since its establishment in 1870. One of the biggest ranches in the country is this one. It’s now hit the market for the first time after the death of Anne Marion, an heiress and the owner of the ranch. You can own a piece of Texas history for a cool $192.2 million. Captain Samuel “Burk” Burnett founded it. The family Burnett became rich from the sale of cattle and oil. Burk Burnett went on to become one of Texas’ most important and prosperous cattlemen. His ranch began with 100 cows. The ranch is being sold for the first time ever in its existence. Guthrie, Texas is where the ranch is situated. The late Anne Marion owned it. She passed away at age 81 from lung cancer in February. She is survived by Windi Grimes, her daughter.

Burnett began his career as a rancher, driving his father’s cattle through Kansas on the Chisolm Trail. With the purchase of 100 cattle in 1868, he established 6666 Ranch. He allegedly named his ranch 6666 Ranch after a successful poker hand. Theodore Roosevelt and Burnett were close friends. President Theodore Roosevelt honored Burnett in 1910 by renaming a nearby town in his honor. It had the name Burkburnett. As a result of the 56 oil rigs the family built in Burkburnett when oil was discovered there in 1918, their fortune increased dramatically. Hollywood eventually knocked and produced a film on the boomtown of Burkburnett. Three children were born to Burk and his wife Ruth. Two young people perished. Tom, who was their only child, lived to operate the ranch and start a family. The ranch house was erected in 1917, and over the years, it has hosted a number of notable visitors, such as Roosevelt, Will Rogers, and Indian Chief Quanah Parker.

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