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KiwiCo crate boxes are a great way to give your kids imaginative and educational enjoyment

In the dog days of summer, if you’re a parent you’re probably wondering how to entertain your kids. Between trips to the park, summer camp stints, and dropping them off at Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s to get them out of your hair, keeping your children engaged in the summer is an ongoing war of attrition. To educate, entertain and keep them from destroying the house and each other seems like a tall order but KiwiCo has what the doctor ordered. The…



Doodle 9-16 Years (Create and Craft)

Ages 9 to 14 years old, Tinker Crate (Science and Engineering)

Box, Handmade, 14-100 Years Old (Art and Design)

Expired Eureka Box, Ages 12 to 100 (Engineering and Design)


That’s a lot if you try to try everything at once, but it’s not too much if you take it one at a time. Most parents, including myself, would probably try out the crate or crates that were most closely aligned with the age range of their child and then stick with those for a while. Our primary motivation for ordering the Atlas Crate was to provide our children with exposure to cultures outside of the United States.

Cost-wise, it makes a lot of sense. The prices for the two types of subscriptions, automatic renewal and term renewal, are different to incentivize the switch from term renewal to automatic renewal.

Premium Tier with Automatic Renewal – A MONTHLY

Average Cost of a Monthly Subscription: $23.95


Value: $21.95 for 3 Months

For One Year, $49.95

Monthly Payments of $18.50 for 12 Months

Monthly costs decrease naturally as subscription duration increases. Saving money is always a plus, but consider these rates in light of the term subscription tier:


Subscriptions are referred to as NON RENEWABLE (One Time Payment)

Price per month: $27.95

Pricing for the Initial 3 Months: $67.95

Six Month Subscription: $124.95


Price for a full year is $229.95