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Kate Bosworth Files for Divorce From Michael Polish After 8 Years of Marriage

The actress announced the separation back in August 2021.



ET has confirmed that Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish have filed for divorce.

According to public records, the Blue Crush actress filed for divorce from her husband on Friday at a court in Los Angeles. All that remained was a formality at this point. Bosworth and Polish announced their divorce in August of 2021 after eight years of marriage and ten years of being together, although they said it was done out of love.

“The initial stages of a relationship are frequently the most rewarding. There’s something about fireworks, magnets, and a little bit of defiance that draws people in. The beginning signifies a vast expanse of opportunity that can be explored. If you’re in love, share a burger with your significant other and enjoy your last supper together. When you’re ready to drink, buy a bottle of whiskey and have a few shots with me. Sing along to your favorite song on the jukebox and dance the night away with someone you met only minutes ago but feel like you’ve known forever.” On the subject of romance’s “honeymoon” stage, Bosworth chimed in.

She carried on, saying, “Endings frighten us on a primal level. The result of getting what you sought. to become emotionally invested in the outcome one hopes to achieve. Unknown to all save the most dedicated researchers. What if we decided to love rather than fear? If the flame’s most delicate and vulnerable last flicker became a completely different form of furnace. Some people might find this weird, while others could find it romantic. This is what we believe.”


Midway through 2011, Bosworth began seeing a Polish woman. He guided her at Big Sur earlier that year, and she got to know him. Philipsburg, Montana, was the setting for their wedding on August 31, 2013, after they got engaged in August 2012 and got engaged in August 2012. From a previous marriage, Polish’s daughter Jasper has a stepmother in Bosworth.

He’s so serious that on Chelsea Handler’s show, Long confessed that he’s “Before this, I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. So, I’d like to safeguard and preserve it, don’t you think?”

After just a few days, Bosworth and Long announced their relationship on Instagram.