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July 2022 Roblox codes

All of the codes Roblox provides for Smashing Simulator.



Roblox’s Smashing Simulator puts your physical prowess to the test. Simply put, you’ll need to use all of your brute strength to destroy anything that gets in your way. Face off against other players and show that you are the most powerful of them all. If you’re a fan of the game but are having trouble getting through the tough levels, keep reading to learn about codes you can use to get extra coins and strength for your character. Become the ultimate smashing machine by leveling up and improving your character. Smashing Simulator, like most Roblox games, makes it simple to find and enter promo codes. By doing so, you can improve your smashing skills and gain an advantage over your opponents. Check back frequently to see if there are new codes available, or if any that are currently in use have expired.

Redeeming codes is explained here.

Similar to other Roblox games, you can redeem your Smashing Simulator codes. It only takes a few minutes if you follow these simple steps:

Log in to the Smashing Simulator video game.


You’ll find a Codes icon on the left side of your screen. To do so, simply click on it.

Enter the codes by copying and pasting or by typing them in manually.

When you click on the green “Redeem” button, any active codes will be added to your account automatically.

Smashed Simulator for Roblox is always up to date.


All of the Smashing Simulator’s active codes are listed below:

Free boosts – Free boosts for 25k members GAINING EXPERIENCE (500 Coins) SMASHED – 250-Pounds of Power

All of Roblox’s Smashing Simulator’s old codes have been removed.

The following Smashing Simulator codes are no longer valid and cannot be used: