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Judge Orders Dr. Dre To Pay Ex-Wife Nicole Young $300,000 Per Month In Spousal Support – And That’s GOOD News For Dre!

Dr. Dre has been ordered to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife $293,306 per month starting on August 1st… and that’s actually fantastic news for the entrepreneur/rapper/producer!



A huge development has occurred in Dr. Dre’s bitter divorce with soon-to-be ex-wife Nicole Young. And on the surface this might sound like bad news because Dre has been ordered to pay his ex nearly $300,000 PER MONTH in spousal support. So. How exactly is it good news for Dre?

To be more precise, Dre is now on the hook for $293,306 per month starting on August 1st, which is in line with the infamous prenup that was (depending on who you ask) agreed to by the couple before they got married some 25 years ago. How is that news positive? because it falls well short of what Young was asking for in court. As an unnamed source revealed

“The support order is consistent with what he has already been paying since the initial separation… It is a small portion of the $2 million a month that Nicole and her attorneys sought.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Young filed for divorce in June of 2020, making allegations in court of various acts of domestic violence against Dre, telling the court that “André has verbally and emotionally decimated my personhood to the extent that I currently suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.” She continued, saying:

“I’ve also given a lengthy and agonizing account of Andre’s ruthless abuse and control of me for more than half my life. it is misleading, revolting, and insulting for Andre to suggest that I have not been abused because, as a victim of relentless abuse and isolation, I did not create and maintain a contemporaneous record of abuse inflicted on me.”

For his part, Dre vigorously refutes each and every charge, and earlier this year he filed a lawsuit charging Young with making “false charges of domestic abuse.”