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Joe Manchin likely has a reliable mandate

“It’s all nonsense,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says dismissively of Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) concerns about inflation. Senator Sanders later adds, “He speaks for the wealthiest people in this



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) referred to Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) worries about inflation as “the same foolishness that Manchin has been talking about for a year.” In a later statement, Sanders said, “In my honest judgment, you know, Manchin represents the very wealthiest people in this country, not working folks in West Virginia or America.”

This interaction, which took place during an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, only serves to highlight how detached Sanders is from reality. For one thing, pushing through his plan at this time would be cruel to Biden. Another multi-trillion dollar spending plan that is supported by borrowing is the last thing the economy needs at a time of 9 percent inflation. The last thing it needs are greater energy costs brought on by the environmental Left’s utopian energy policy. Both of these alleged victories will undoubtedly cost Biden his party’s chances in future elections, not to mention his majority in both chambers of Congress.

Beyond that, though, it is also foolish to blame Manchin for Biden’s shortcomings.

First off, there are 51 or 52 senators who reject Biden’s program, not just one, depending on which item of his agenda we’re talking about. That is the fault of President Biden’s tight, one-sided victory in November 2020 rather than Manchin’s.


You may recall that President Donald Trump won the Electoral College and the White House in 2016 by just 77,744 votes in three crucial states. According to that standard—the one that matters—Biden won an even closer election in 2020, with a combined margin of support of just 44,000 votes in three crucial states.

Democrats really suffered setbacks on the same day, losing two state legislative chambers and one governorship in statewide elections. Democrats’ once-comfortable 36-seat majority in the U.S. House has shrunk to a disconcerting nine-seat advantage. Regarding the Senate, only Georgia’s odd general election runoff laws allowed Jon Ossoff to gain a seat in January rather than lose it in November, saving Biden. By a hair’s breadth, this is how Biden managed to secure the current 50-50 Senate tie that his vice president can break in party-line votes.

In other words, Biden entered office without any predetermined ideologies. At the time, it made a lot of sense. Voters chose the candidate who ran as a moderate Democrat, ready to usher in a return to normalcy, after four years of unrest. Sure, Biden would be a Democrat, but he would stand for the party’s more reasonable members to lead a sharply divided country through political compromise.

Due to the fact that he disregarded this, Biden is currently the least favored president in history. He acts haughtily as though he will have a crystal-clear mandate to implement significant changes in 2020. He jumped to impose environmentalist restrictions on fossil fuels, signed massive spending increases that caused devastating inflation, proposed additional spending increases, proposed massive tax increases, purposefully sabotaged the operational control of the Mexican border that had been hard-won under Trump, pushed for legislation that would permanently cement permanent everywhere-anytime abortions, and at times threatened to tear down the wall separating the United States from Mexico.


And of course, despite being largely non-ideological in character, the blunders of foreign policy have been enormous. With his horrible, disorganized, deadly failure in Afghanistan, Biden’s poll numbers started to decline, and they have continued to decline ever since. Manchin is not at fault in any of this. Manchin is undoubtedly currently saving Biden from himself.

This is the real cause of Biden’s inability to succeed. Any Democrat who hopes to make it through the election knows that he must maintain the greatest possible distance from this senile old fool. According to Biden’s approval ratings, his image is more politically poisonous than either Trump or Barack Obama were in their first midterm elections. In terms of approval, he is roughly where President George W. Bush was in July 2006, just before his disastrous second midterm election, when Katrina had put his presidency in jeopardy.

In either case, Manchin is not to blame, according to Sanders.

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Author at first: David Freddoso

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