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Jason Peters still wants to play at age 40, explains what he’s looking for in his next NFL team

The veteran is staying in shape and waiting for the right phone call



In January, Jason Peters turned 40, but he has no plans to retire from football just yet. The veteran left tackle recently stated on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he is still keeping in shape by working out while waiting for his next opportunity.

While Peters acknowledges that older players typically sign later in the offseason or in the early stages of preseason, he does have preferences regarding the types of teams he would like to join.

Peters said (via Pro Football Talk) that he simply lets his agent talk to the teams in question and that the agent will then contact him to let him know which teams are interested. “Scouting out a promising new offensive unit, solid squad, or postseason contender. Either way, I’ll be able to pass my knowledge and experience on to the next generation of players and help them improve. Or, “if I can just find a team with some veterans who have seen me in action before, we can just make a run in the playoffs and try to win another ring.” To be honest, I’m fine either way right now; I can share what I’ve learned with others, or I can sit back and take in what others have to share. So, either way works just fine.

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Peters stated that he is not under any deadline to make a choice, but he does want “one more run at it.” The nine-time Pro Bowler and six-time All-Pro originally signed with the Buffalo Bills in 2004 as an undrafted free agent out of Arkansas. He spent five years with the Bills before being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he would eventually become a household name. Despite being injured and unable to play in the game, Peters was awarded a Super Bowl ring in 2018. The Chicago Bears were his team last season.

There aren’t many teams that seem like a good fit for Peters right now, but the Indianapolis Colts are one possibility. It’s also possible that Peters won’t get the call until an injury strikes at another franchise.