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Is DOTA 2 down? How to check DOTA 2 server status

I just want to get one more game of Dota 2 in, please!



One of the most popular games on Steam is Dota 2, a free-to-play MOBA. Teams of five are pitted against each other in this game, with the goal of destroying the opponent’s ancient. There will be times when the servers go down as the game grows in popularity. Like Valve’s games, Dota 2 suffers from the same problem of having no official website for players to check on server availability. However, thanks to third-party websites, you can check the game server’s status.

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Checking the status of DOTA 2 servers

Dota 2’s server status can be checked in two ways. Steam, a non-official site, is the best place to start. The primary focus of this website is Steam, as well as updates on the service’s various statuses and games.


Dota 2’s server status can be found at the bottom of the page, under “Dota 2 Game Coordinator.” A message about your system’s status will appear to the right of that. There are a variety of status messages, including:

Assuming everything is running smoothly, this is a good sign that the servers are up and running properly. Preventative maintenance is being performed on the servers. Maintenance has been completed on the servers. The servers are currently partially broken.

Down Detector is a second option for checking the status of the game’s server. In order to inform you of any major issues with a website or video game, this website compiles reports from users within the last 24 hours. On the website, there is an outage map that shows you where the worst of the outages are taking place and when they began.