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Inside Tony Romo’s New Contract – And Who CBS Almost Hired Instead

Tony Romo’s contract is larger than any that any announcer has ever received before him, but a competitor who played quarterback at the same time almost got a deal that was significantly larger.



Tony Romo is rumored to have extended his relationship with CBS by signing a record-setting contract worth a total of $180 million. When compared to Romo’s previous contract, which was for three years and a total of $10 million, this new one is a significant increase in pay at $18 million per year.

Romo will earn more than he did throughout his entire career in the NFL, which totaled 127 million dollars. Additionally, he will easily surpass the annual salaries that Troy Aikman earned with FOX (ranging from $6.5 million to $7.5 million per year) and Jon Gruden earned with ESPN (which was $6.5 million per year).

With this contract, CBS is putting all of their chips on the table for Romo, but they did offer a deal to someone else first.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post claims that CBS was ready to make Peyton Manning an offer for the job that he previously held as Romo. This offer, which was rumored to be worth $10 to $12 million per season over five to six years, arrived in the midst of rumors that ESPN planned to offer Romo a contract worth somewhere in the range of $140 million over the course of ten seasons.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Photograph by Theo Wargo / Getty Images

But Manning, who is known for not being one to rush into any decision, did not immediately accept the deal. Although it’s possible that he will never have, CBS simply didn’t have the time to wait. In light of the fact that Romo would soon be available to sign with any interested party, CBS ultimately forked over the necessary funds.

As a result of this move, Romo’s 2020 salary will be significantly higher than that of the typical NFL quarterback. The position average is $16.3 million, so Romo’s salary of $18 million is significantly higher than that. In point of fact, only twenty other players in the league will make more money than Romo does throughout the course of this season.

Reportedly, CBS representatives also spoke with Drew Brees; however, the New Orleans Saints quarterback ultimately decided to resume his duties on the field of play.

Since ESPN’s attempt to sign Romo was unsuccessful, the network may now focus on Manning. The former quarterback for both the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos has demonstrated a passion for public speaking, and he also maintains a positive relationship with ESPN. Peyton Manning is currently starring in the documentary series Peyton’s Places, which can be found on ESPN+. Manning also hosted the 2017 ESPY Awards.


The ESPN broadcast team led by Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland would undoubtedly benefit from the star power that Eli Manning brings to the table. It would be a nice consolation prize for the sports network for not being able to acquire Romo if they were successful in luring him out of retirement.

For the time being, CBS is rejoicing, despite the fact that it had to shell out a significant amount of money in order to do so.