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Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball coach Mike Woodson wins ‘best lawn’ competition

If Indiana men’s basketball falls short of a Big Ten title in the months ahead, at least Mike Woodson will have this to fall back on.



Is there anything you’d like to know about Mike Woodson during the offseason? Get in touch with him. You’ll know.

He meticulously maintains his lawn, and he takes great pride in it.

Mariah Woodson, Woodson’s daughter, posted a picture of her father on Instagram on Monday.

He “takes the lawn so seriously,” she wrote in her diary. The yard he showed me was one he won as the neighborhood’s “yard of the month.”


Given the lack of rain in Indiana this summer, Woodson’s yard does look quite impressive. It is normal for Bloomington to see more than 9 inches of rain in June and July. Only 2.4 inches of rain fell in June, and so far in July’s first 12 days, 1.2 inches of rain have fallen.

Mike Woodson has the most powerful dad energy in college sports, and it’s not even close. #iubb (via @MariahWoodson) On July 12, 2022, Chronic Hoosier (@ChronicHoosier) tweeted:

Notre Dame may be the Big Ten’s next move. Is it possible to take a look to the south? What about the NCAA basketball tournament, March Madness?

After all, even if Indiana fails to win the Big Ten, Woodson has this to fall back on.


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The Indianapolis Star first published this piece: Mike Woodson, head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team, has won the “best lawn” competition.