Incomprehensibly Amazing 22-Acre Santa Barbara Compound Hits The Market For $160 Million

I hope you also have very deep pockets if you chance to be looking for an Estalacionpound® in a gorgeous coastal town. This property, which is known as “The Sanctuary at Loon Point” is currently listed for…

$160 million

Hedge fund manager Bruce Kovner and his wife Suzie spent 14 years building The Sanctuary at Loon Point. Bruce founded Caxton Associates, which is how he acquired his $6.6 billion in net worth. He started the hedge fund in 1983, and it eventually developed into one of the most prosperous funds in the world, giving his investors tens of billions of dollars in earnings.

In Carpenteria, Bruce and Suzie bought their first item in 2007. They went on a buying binge that year, shelling out a total of $83.3 million for 15 acres. In total have spent more than $100 million compiling what is now a 22 acre compound. Kevin Costner was one of the vendors. Bruce and Suzie then spent another $50 million developing the land and renovating the existing structures.

Via The MLS/The Agency/Erick Haskell

You must watch this advertisement for the building. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen:

According to the Kovners, they are selling because this was their vacation house! and they favor staying on the east coast more frequently. Is that where they vacation? And now that I look at the CNW archives, I see that back in 2017 Bruce and Suzie listed their Caribbean vacation home for $67 million. The exact purchase price was not made public, but they did manage to find a buyer that year.

FYI, if you do buy the Kovner Carpenteria Estalacionpound, you will be living on the same block as Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis and George Lucas who owns two side-by-side mansions on this same block. Make sure to introduce yourself and ask them over for a ride on the horse or something!

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