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In 2014 Kobe Bryant Bought 10% Of Sports Drink BodyArmor For $6 Million. Coke Just Acquired BodyArmor At An $8 Billion Valuation

Kobe Bryant just made more money posthumously from a single agreement than he ever did through endorsements or pay during his NBA career.



Kobe Bryant received an NBA salary of $323.3 million throughout the course of his 20-year career. Only LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Kevin Garnet have earned more money playing basketball as of this writing.

Kobe also made a fortune away from the court as a result of several extraordinarily lucrative endorsement deals. Nike, Sprite, McDonald’s, Turkish Airlines, Lenovo, Hublot, and Panini were some of his most well-known sponsors. Due to his popularity in China, Kobe was able to secure lucrative endorsement contracts with businesses like Alibaba,, and Mercedes Benz.

According to our calculations, Kobe Bryant made $350 million through sponsorships while he was a player.

Over the course of a 20-year career, that amounts to $323 million in pay and $350 million in sponsorships. impressive figures


What is more striking?

Kobe Bryant just closed a contract that saw him make more money posthumously than he ever did through endorsements or compensation.

Kobe Bryant BodyArmour Deal
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Image: Harry How via Getty Images)


Legend has it that Kobe made the decision to invest in BodyArmor, a maker of sports drinks, in March 2014 after just one sip. BodyArmor advertised itself as a better-for-you substitute for Gatorade. Its products are free of artificial sweeteners and colors.

Lance Collins and Mike Repole collaborated to create BodyArmor. Coca-Cola purchased Repole’s former business, Glaceau, which was the owner of the brands vitiminwater and smartwater (the brand names are purposefully lowercase). Collins has already launched Fuze tea.


Before Kobe made his investment, BodyArmor made $10 million in sales.

When the details were all worked out, in March 2014 Kobe paid $6 million for a 10% stake in BodyArmor. In other terms, the company was worth when Kobe made his initial investment…

$60 million

Take a few years to pass.


$2 billion

In exchange for an extra 15% stock share, Coca-Cola agreed to take over all BodyArmor bottling and distribution, increasing Coke’s ownership to 30%.

Let’s jump to the present. In 2021, BodyArmor will bring in about $1.4 billion in revenue. To put things in context, Gatorade brings in about $8.5 billion annually.


$8 billion

As a result of this most recent agreement, Kobe’s estate will receive… from BodyArmor.

$400 million

What Would Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth Be Today?

When Kobe Bryant passed away in January 2020, his net worth was $600 million. His BodyArmor investment was worth at $200 million before taxes at that time. His net present value net worth was $400 million without BodyArmor.


Kobe would probably keep “just” about $270 million after taxes if he were still alive today and receiving a $400 million payout. He would have an after-tax net worth of $670 million when combined with his $400 million “other” net worth. If you’re thinking that’s not a huge increase, please remember that we were already calculating his net worth assuming $200 million in pre-tax value from BodyArmor thanks to the 2018 Coke investment. Therefore, we are increasing the value by $200 million while also deducting about $140 million for taxes.