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How to unlock Glaceon in Pokémon Unite

Grab Eevee’s Ice-type evolution form, Glaceon.



Pokémon Unite will soon have access to Glaceon. During the first part of the Pokémon Unite celebration event, you will be able to unlock them and claim them at no cost. Before you can add Glaceon to your account, there are a few things you’ll need to accomplish. Find out in this guide how to obtain Glaceon in Pokémon Unite.

Finding Glaceon’s Unite and Using It License

By completing the Icy Glaceon Challenge, which will be accessible on July 21 at 12 AM PT, you can obtain Glaceon. You have until Tuesday, August 14 to complete the challenge and receive this license. It’s listed in the “Featured Events” section. You need to collect one hundred tokens throughout the course of the tournament. The first four might be chosen immediately upon entering the game.

The first four tasks of the Icy Glaceon Challenge are as follows.


You only need to register once to play (5 tokens)

Take part in 1 fight with a pal (2 tokens)

Combat participation limited to 1 encounter (5 tokens)

Get in on three fights (5 tokens)


The initial set of accessible tests is as follows. You need to earn 100 tokens to get this Pokémon, so head back to the Icy Glaceon Challenge menu to see what more you can do to earn them. The only way to earn this Eeveelution license is to attend the event.

You’ll want to work alongside a friend to complete the Icy Glaceon Challenge, so you might want to plan ahead. These aren’t the only challenges you’ll face; we’ll add more as we find them.