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How to play through the game

The Headmaster is tough on discipline.



Because of your success, you’ve earned a spot at Escape Academy, where many others have failed. The Headmaster will not be lenient with you on The Entrance Exam, so there is no time to unwind. Fail, and you will be taken out of the academy, never to return. The room will be filled with memory-erasing gas. Headmaster’s name is required to complete this puzzle.

Getting a middle name is a big deal.

In order to get the Headmaster’s first and last names, you’ll have to go backwards in time to get her middle name. Find the three receipts in the room and you’re ready to begin. Even though you can’t see them, the data on the receipts is crucial. A list of the locations where receipts can be found:

Located between the couches, at the nook table


Towards the right of the bookcases, in the back corner.

Towards the extreme left of the bookcases

The following items will be covered by the receipts:

There are two timepieces here.


Plants in pots, numbering five

Three awards were given out.

The briefcase on the glass table has a lock with a code of 253. Once the suitcase is open, you’ll have access to the photos inside. Next, we’ll need the photos. Interact with the bookshelf containing the books with the names of various countries. Each of the photos you retrieved is more than a decade old. Book interaction with the books on the shelf in chronological order will open a secret door. The sequence is as follows:




To open the secret door, you must interact with the books in a certain order. Grab the Floppy Disk from a table next to the grandfather clock before you head into the study, if you haven’t already. Right-click on the computer’s floppy disk drive and select “Insert.” “Dead” is the secret message that will be displayed.

Once you know the secret message, you can proceed. Play the piano keys D-E-A-D in the study and interact with it. A compartment will be unlocked. Find and pick up a UV Bulb from the compartment. Place the UV Bulb above the award case in the corner into the empty socket. Here, you’ll find out that the Headmaster’s second name is Jaqueline.

Obtaining one’s initials.


There is a handbag next to the school’s main entrance where you can find out the name of the headteacher. Use the key on the lock at the Headmaster’s desk after obtaining it. You’ll be able to get your hands on a Screwdriver and a photograph after doing this. For the time being, put the Screwdriver away and concentrate on the picture. There was a Fox Mask in the lab, if you remember. Please have a look at the image below. Sandy is the one in the picture who is donning the Fox Mask. In this case, Sandra is the first name of the school’s headmaster.

Acquisition of a last name

The Screwdriver from earlier is here again. I think it’s time. Screwdriver on the vent next to your keyhole to get it out of there! Follow the duct to the very end, where you’ll find a phone number. 952-4242 is the phone number to reach us. Then return to the Headmaster’s desk and dial the number from the phone that is in your possession. When Jeb answers, he’ll say that the Headmaster’s last name is Solange, and he’ll hang up. Enter Sandra as the full name of the Head of School. Complete the puzzle by inserting Jaqueline Solange into the machine next to the door.