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How to play Shaggy in MultiVersus – Moves guide, Strategies, Perks, and more

Like, let’s brawl Scoob!



The sole reason for Shaggy’s inclusion in MultiVersus is the Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme, which depicts the perpetually hungry and frequently afraid figure as having the capacity to transform into a fighting god that could compete with the likes of Goku. Warner Bros. started recognizing this as a meme after it became so well-known, so you may now unleash Shaggy on other WB characters. His moveset, benefits, and some advice are broken out here.

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Shaggy gameplay in MultiVersus

The skills and attacks of Shaggy


It’s really out of this world (passive)

Because of his Rage power in MultiVersus, Shaggy is a very distinctive character. This will accelerate him and make his special attacks more powerful. After one special assault, it is exhausted.

Zoinks! (Special neutral)

Shaggy’s neutral special will cause him to temporarily increase his Rage. Wherever you are when you start charging, you will float in the air while doing it. This does not have to be done all at once. Shaggy’s aura will wildly pulsate when fully charged, evoking the meme’s initial allusion to Dragon Ball Z energy levels. Your actions will change when you’re in this position. When fully charged, tapping this again will cause him to release a blast that will drive adversaries away and benefit comrades in the area.


When he is completely charged, if you are playing with a teammate, a box of Scooby Snacks will fall, which your ally can pick up to heal themselves.

Instinctive Chill (side special)

This kick will send you flying in a horizontal direction. When fully charged, it provides respectable power and will enable you to travel farther. When knocked through the air, this can be a really useful tool for safely returning to the arena.

Strong Uppercut (up special)


Shaggy gives himself a straight up punch while doing a Street Fighter-style Shoryuken move. Being powered up will extend your upward movement and boost the initial punch’s damage.

similar to Feed the Hunger (down special)

He pulls out a sandwich that he can toss across the arena as part of Shaggy’s down special. Allies will be healed if it passes through them, but foes will be damaged. When you go to charge up while holding a sandwich, the throw will be stronger and pass through foes. Without a sandwich in his hand, he will perform a ground slam attack when charged up. He always comes prepared with a meal before a game.

shady benefits


Lumpy Space Punch (level 2): Your team’s melee attacks in the air do 5 percent extra damage.

(Level 4) Kryptonian Skin: Your team’s damage is lowered by 4%.

Equip Ally Perks (level 6); in team games, utilize a teammate’s perk.

Last Stand (level 7): After sustaining 100 injuries, your squad deals 10% greater damage.


One Last Zoinks (level 8): After dealing 100 damages, you instantly gain Rage.

If you are holding a sandwich, eat it to swiftly charge your Rage if you are a level 10 hangry man.

The enemy with the highest damage takes 7 percent more damage from your team thanks to the Snowball Effect (level 11).

When projectiles used to knock back opponents hit them, your teammates get three gray health for three seconds.


(Level 13) Speed Force Assist: Your team moves 4% more quickly.

Advice on how to play Shaggy in MultiVersus

In order to use your special strikes effectively as Shaggy, you should keep your Rage charged up as much as you can. Take a moment to get at least a small charge in whenever there is space between you and the enemy. If necessary, you can charge in midair as you jump in the direction of a safe spot.

A excellent move to combine with other aerial attacks is the power uppercut. You can employ it repeatedly to do a substantial amount of damage and knock your adversary off the screen above you.


Shaggy’s windup punch, a neutral physical move, equips him with armor while it charges. Take use of this to deliver a potent knockback assault against opponents with greater health. It can be a powerful closing technique.

When not charging your Rage, you must remain near to foes because Shaggy is so intent on brawling. You won’t be able to hit them other than with a sandwich if you let them get too far away from you. Fortunately, he is a great fighter either vertically or horizontally when you are within range because of his unique powers that allow him to move swiftly in either directions.