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How to Claim the Card in Valorant

When you download the latest Valorant update, your Alpha Threat card will be ready to claim the moment you load into your game.



It’s not too late to get the Alpha Threat card if you liked the Crossover Pass rewards Valorant released to commemorate the premiere of Episode 5 Act 1.

The Omega Earth comic book’s cover serves as the inspiration for the Alpha Threat Card, which depicts the Alpha Earth agents viewed as a danger. Learn how to acquire and equip the cards in your current Valorant collection by referring to the information in this article.

Valorant’s Alpha Threat Card Claim Instructions

The Alpha Threat is a real threat. Omega Earth has provided us with a free comic cover player card, so log in and claim yours. VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) July 13, 2022 July 13, 2022


Valorant 5.01 Patch is required for the Alpha Threat card to be unlocked. Once you’ve updated your game to the latest patch, you’ll be able to claim the card on the loading screen of Valorant.

In Valorant, how to use the Alpha Threat Card

Your collection inventory will be updated with the Alpha Threat card as soon as you claim it. Don’t forget that just because you’ve claimed your card doesn’t mean it’s already in your possession. Go to your collection and pick out your favorite player cards to display.

Select ‘Show Owned Only’ from the ‘Player Cards’ section of your collection to make it easier to locate the card. To equip the Alpha Threat card, go through all of your player cards and find it. To show off your limited-edition card, you can queue up for games and join the queue.


The release date for the Alpha Threat card has not been announced by Riot Games or Valorant. Make sure to claim the card before the start of Episode 5 Act 2 to ensure that you get it!