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How Taking Magic Mushrooms Led To A Billion Dollar Fortune

There are a plethora of methods to become a billionaire. Let’s look at Christian Angermayer. He spent his entire life abstaining, then after using magic mushrooms, he became a billionaire.



If I’ve learned anything from working on CelebrityNetWorth, it’s that there are countless opportunities to make a billion dollars. You could become a billionaire through a more traditional route like the worlds of finance, tech startups and real estate. As a clown in a circus, you could make billions. With cryptocurrencies, you could make billions. Most likely, at least one person in the entire world has amassed a billion dollars thanks to dogecoin.

Even worse, you might become a multibillionaire as a result of a disastrous magic mushroom trip.

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The Makings Of A Future Billionaire

On Wall Street, Christian Angermayer is not a well-known name. He is a 42-year-old German investor who has abstained completely from all drugs and alcohol for the majority of his life. 2015 saw the end of his lifelong abstinence streak during a tragic dinner gathering.

In 2015, Christian was a guest at a dinner party seated next to a neuroscientist. The two started talking about the relative advantages and disadvantages of certain medicines.

The neurologist then published a study ranking 20 medicines according to how detrimental they were to consumers.

Angermayer was stunned to see that psilocybin – aka magic mushrooms – ranked at the bottom of the list… as in the least harmful. According to the findings, magic mushrooms are a very successful treatment for severe depression.

Christian was encouraged by the article to try with mushrooms while on vacation in the Caribbean, where the drug is permitted, breaking his lifelong sobriety.

Life Changing Moment

The journey provided a remarkable epiphany. When he came out of the fog, he claimed to finally understand Bitcoin.

Making A Fortune

And it seems like he was headed in the right direction. In the past four years, the market for psychedelics used for mental health has skyrocketed, with more than 50 businesses going public. The stigma and culture surrounding all psychedelics have undergone a significant change. Additionally, these substances are increasingly viewed more as cures than as classic party drugs. There are even sites like Healing Maps, which help connect psychedelic-curious patients with ketamine clinics in their area and retreats worldwide.

Angermayer’s plan is straightforward. He invests in the things he’s passionate about.

To date he has invested in AbCellera Biologics, which had a part in developing an antibody-drug for Covid-19. He established the psychedelics-biotech startup Atai Life Sciences, which has Peter Thiel’s support.

Christian’s investing company Apeiron currently oversees more than $2.5 billion in assets. Roughly 50% of the fund’s assets are Angermayer’s personal funds.

Christian is therefore estimated to have a net worth of $1.25 billion. A delusion induced by magic mushrooms led to a billion-dollar fortune. What a journey!