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How Does Your Life Change As You Go From Millionaire, To Hundred Millionaire, To Billionaire And Beyond???

How does a person worth tens of millions of dollars’ life differ from that of a mere millionaire? Hundreds?? Billions???



If you frequent Celebrity Net Worth, you presumably aspire to and/or intend to become obscenely wealthy one day. wealthy enough to give up your job and never work again. enough money to afford an outrageous home. Rich enough to have a fleet of cars and a private jet that flies you all over the world to luxurious locations.

But have you ever thought about how your life might actually change when you eventually make those millions and billions of dollars? It begs the question – What do insanely rich people experience and know that is shut off to non-millionaires? More importantly, how does life alter when one’s wealth increases? What is genuinely possible for someone with $50 million that someone with $15 million is unable to do? What information does a billionaire possess that a hundred millionaire can only hope to obtain?

We can examine the following Reddit forum post to gain some understanding of these queries:

What do extraordinarily affluent people purchase that regular folks are unaware of?

The question got hundreds of interesting responses, but a user with the handle “a1988eli” posted a answer that turned out to be particularly amazing. Starting off, according to a1988eli, we should divide wealth into five distinct levels or gradients:

$10 million to $30 million at Level 1.

Level 3: $100 million – $1 billion

$5: $10 billion and above

You’re going to fawn over what he says about a Level 4, $1–10 billion person’s life. It’s astounding. Oh, and before you get too excited about Level 5, he actually doesn’t spend too much time on the lifestyles of these insanely lucky few because, according to a1988eli, anyone with more than $10 billion basically lives the life of a head of state. A life that, unless you are a King or the President of a very wealthy nation, is virtually inconceivable. On the other hand, the first four tiers can be understood theoretically by even the most common mortals.

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You can meet your demands here. A 4-star or 5-star rating is fairly comfortable for most people. A $2000 suite can be reserved for a special event. You can travel abroad in first class (sometimes). You live in a very good home, can afford whatever medical treatment you require, and no unforeseen financial calamity may ruin your life. However, you are not “wealthy” in the sense that having money is unimportant. Unless you are at the upper end of this spectrum, when you are genuinely becoming shielded from personal financial hardship, you still need to exercise caution and common sense while making the majority of decisions. (Stress in the workplace exists on all levels.) You are still not considered a “ultra high net worth” person in the banking industry.

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images
Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

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$30 million to $100 million at Level 2.

You now begin to play with the older boys. You can fly privately (though you normally charter a flight or own a jet fractionally through Net Jets or the like), You frequent five-star hotels, own multiple homes, travel during high season (for example, during Christmas week, you might rent a ski-in, ski-out villa in Aspen or travel to Monaco for the grand prix or Cannes for the film festival; rent for these locations can range from $5k to $20k+ per NIGHT), are the owner of or hold a controlling stake in a large corporation, socialize with government officials, community leaders, and are a highly esteemed member of any neighborhood association. (At $80 million, you are a small player in Beverly Hills. You might not be able to book a table at the city’s hottest restaurant unless you really put your weight around and shell up the big bucks). Any automobile is available for purchase. You now have personal assistants and are beginning to have ‘people’ who other people must speak with in order to reach you. Any kind of travel is possible ANYWHERE. Almost everything that ordinary people consider to be “rich people goods” is available for purchase.


$100 million to $1 billion at Level 3.

Despite the broad range, life doesn’t really change when your worth ranges from $200 million to 900 million dollars. At this point, if it’s your thing, you can socialize with celebrities, politicians, rock stars, the corporate elite, and the aristocracy. You also have a private jet, multiple residences with staff, elite cars at each residence, ownership or significant control over a business or entity that the majority of the public has heard of. You may not be invited to every party, but you are free to go almost anywhere. You undoubtedly have employees and “people.” There are many “yes men” in the world. Your skill to make purchases develops into an art. A five-bedroom villa on land in Cabo may be one of your holiday homes, but that’s not really stunning. You possess a personal island? It depends on the island, but it’s starting to become cool. You recently hosted Senator X and Governor Y for dinner in your home. Cool. However, the President and your millionaire friend just had dinner together. You drive a new Ferrari, right? Your acquaintance, who drives a vintage, one-of-five-in-the-world type of car, believes their handling is terrible. Is that right—women? They are dispersed everywhere at this level. Every occasion, most gatherings. the club for polo. women of the highest caliber and intelligence. Power and money are an aphrodisiac and you have it in spades. You can now discover a willing and attractive partner for anything you want from ladies. She may not emotionally connect with you, but she sure is hot. What becomes scarce at this level? relatives and friends who accept you for who you are. They do exist, but identifying which ones they are is pretty damn difficult.

ACCESS. You can now just instruct your staff to phone anyone, and you will receive a call in return. The level of access and respect that someone with a net worth of $1 billion or more receives is astounding in my experience. For a project that attracted billionaire #2, I wanted to speak with a well-known billionaire businessman (let’s call him billionaire #1). B2 informed me that he didn’t know billionaire #1 when I said it might be beneficial to speak with him. But he invited his helper inside. “Get me the list of golf clubs for xxxx. Tell B1 I want to speak with him when you call him at home.” We received a call back in less than an hour. The following day, I was speaking with B1 at his house. That level of deference was shown to B2’s opinion by a fellow peer. absolutely astounding Access to virtually any Senator or Governor from a billionaires party is the same (because in most cases, he is a significant donor). Heads of state are people you occasionally meet and have actual conversations with. This results in,

TIME. You can indeed purchase time. You seldom ever have to wait for anything. Travel? You fly in private. Arrive at the airport, board the aircraft, the door closes, you take off in two minutes, and you fly immediately to your destination. You are awaited by the plane. If you choose to leave at any time, you just drive (or fly) to the airport and depart. You employ the pilots and stewardesses. They comply with your instructions. Dinner? Your driver leaves you off at the front door and waits for however long you require a short distance away. You can sit at the greatest table right now. Because you give him so much catering business, the celebrity chef has prepared a feast for you and made sure the service is first-rate. Golf? There is never a wait since there is always a tee time at your club. Going to the Grammys or the Super Bowl? To get to the greatest seats in the house, you are whisked behind velvet ropes and escorted past any lineups.

EXPERIENCES. You can have anything you wish for. Would you like to play tennis with Pete Sampras (not him specifically, but a great of that caliber)? Call his followers. For a donation of $100k+ to his charity, you could probably play a match with him. such as Blink 182? There is a fee at which they would merely show up and perform at your private event. adore art? Your entourage may arrange for the Louvre’s curator to give you a tour and perhaps show you works of art that haven’t been on display in a while. Admire NASCAR? Imagine competing against the best drivers on a closed course. Enjoy science? Join Bill Nye and Neil dGT for supper. Enjoy politics? Just pay Hillary Clinton’s speaking fee and invite her to speak at a dinner for you and your friends. What is possible is only limited by your mind. Because donations/fees get you anyone.

The same applies to things. You enjoy pianos? How about owning one Mozart used to compose music on? The kind of things you can accomplish are as follows.

RESPECT. The level of respect you receive is simply excessive. In practically every circle, you are THE MAN. Governors respect you. You are respected by Fortune 500 CEOs. King and President see you as a peer.

PERSPECTIVE. The richest person I have ever met earns roughly $400 million a year. Until I performed this, I was unable to comprehend that: OK, let’s compare it to someone who earns $40,000 year. More by 10,000 times. Let’s now examine prices from his point of view. $23.50 buys a new Lamborghini for $235,000. a first-class international ticket? $10,000 is reduced to $1. A full-time assistant at executive level? $0.80 is equal to $8,000 each month. $1000 for a $10 million work of art you adore. costly, so you should make some preparations. At the top hotel in New York City, a suite costs $1 per night. $5,000 for a $50 million Hamptons mansion. Literally nothing is out of your price range but,

$5: $10 billion and above

If you have a net worth of $10 billion or more, your life is essentially the same as that of a wealthy head of state. You lead a life that, unless you’re a King or the President of a very affluent nation, is practically unthinkable. Consider Vladimir Putin, the King of Thailand, or the King of Saudi Arabia. Money, time, wants, needs… nothing matters and nothing is in your way or is unattainable.

You control the full luxury automobile company rather than just a fleet of vehicles.

Your military is yours.

Wars have begun over your feelings.

You have the power to imprison someone for life, or worse, if you don’t like them.


There you have it, then! Now when you go out and make your fortune, you’ll know exactly what to expect at each level of success.

Which degree of achievement do you find most alluring? Level 5 is something you might imagine everyone would say, but maybe not. Having that much money might not have such an awesome impact on your children, and your children’s children. Tell us in the comments whatever level you want to reach!