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Here’s how to defeat the Radagon in Elden Ring

Find out how to defeat Radagon of the Golden Order in Elden Ring



Although Radagon is a major character in the Elden Ring saga and the game’s final boss, defeating him isn’t insurmountably difficult.

In all of FromSoftware’s games, the player must fight against his or her own greedy impulses. Bosses in FromSoftware games often punish players harshly if they just start swinging without discipline, in contrast to other games that give players free rein to land counterhints on a dodged attack.

With a simple move set, Radagon is an excellent example of this, as it has excellent tracking and quick follow-up moves. How to defeat Radagon of the Golden Order in the Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, how do you defeat Radagon of the Golden Order?


The key to defeating Radagon is to use small combinations to chip away at his health rather than attempting to take him down quickly.

Radagon’s combat style is characterized by big wind-ups and a lack of subtlety. He has the best tracking of any boss in the game, which is a problem. Radagon will follow the player like a heatseeking missile and deal a large amount of damage if they dodge too early. It’s too late, but they still eat it.

Due to his unwillingness to deceive teammates, he’s much easier to control than most. Radagon lacks the fluidity of Margit’s hit-confirmed combos. Most of his attacks are AOE slams that are well-telegraphed. Only if the player swings too wildly does Radagon have a variation of the Hoarfrost Stomp.

Players must avoid Radagon’s attacks, land a few hits, and then retreat to face the final boss of Elden Ring. Continue to do this until he runs out of health, and you’ll have won the game.


The Golden Order’s Radagon has a weakness to…

There are no flaws in Radagon of the Golden Order.

Aside from being impervious to sleep and bleed damage, Scarlet Rot, frostbite, and poison are all things he can’t do. For damage types, he is immune to holy. It is possible to knock him off his game, but it will be difficult because of his high level of poise.

In Elden Ring, the Golden Order’s Radagon can be defeated by following these steps.