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Here are some US cities that set records Tuesday as temperatures soared to as high as 115 degrees

Some daily record high temperatures were set Tuesday in Texas and Oklahoma as extreme heat scorched the south central US — part of a heat wave affecting even more of the country Wednesday.



Extreme heat scorched the south central US on Tuesday, part of a heat wave that will continue to afflict much of the nation on Wednesday. Some daily records for high temperatures were established in Texas and Oklahoma.

The following are some of the July 19 record highs that were set in Texas and Oklahoma:

• Wichita Falls, Texas: 115, breaking the previous high of 112 from the previous year.

• Borger, Texas: 111, breaking the old record of 109 from the previous year.


• Abilene, Texas: 110, shattering the old high of 108 from 1936.

• Oklahoma City: 110, shattering the previous high of 109 established in 1936.

• Amarillo, Texas: 108, surpassing a previous high of 105 from 2018.

• San Angelo, Texas: 108, matching the previous high from 2018.


• El Paso, Texas: 107, shattering the previous high of 105 from 1980.

• Austin, Texas’ Camp Mabry: 106, breaking the previous record of 105 set in 1914, 1923, and 1951.

• The Midland International Air & Space Port in Texas saw 105 passengers, which tied the previous high from 1981 and 2018 (105).

Houston: 100, tying the previous high from 2000.


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