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Here are all of our maps

Battling against the best, maintaining status and making connections are the highlights of the MultiVersus games. Players love them because they’re epic.



While the MultiVersus roster of heroes and villains is well-known, the maps aren’t talked about nearly as much.

The crossover brawler from Player First Games is currently in testing, and the players are raving about it. In the wake of a successful closed alpha, the game’s popularity skyrocketed. Where do Harley Quinn and Batman take up residence in the MultiVersus open beta?

The two-on-two combat in MultiVersus will take place in a variety of locations. Before participating in the open beta, you should familiarize yourself with all of the maps in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus contains all of the maps.


In total, there are five maps in MultiVersus based on characters from the game. There are hazards in some of the locations, which can change the way the game plays. To avoid taking unnecessary damage, players may want to familiarize themselves with each match.


MultiVersus includes the Batcave as a playable area. The giant penny, old Batmobiles, and other tidbits of Batman lore can all be found in the game.

On either side of the map, a Batmobile is prominently displayed in the midst of a battle. They can be temporarily deactivated if they are hit by an opponent’s weapon. Death-dealing bats and a dense cloud of smoke are among the dangers in Batcave. To avoid these dangers, players should keep an eye out for a warning from the Bat computer.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players will be able to adapt quickly to Training.

There are three versions of this practice map: Training, Training Room, and Classic 3 Platform. Based on the game mode, the three locations are designed to accommodate the player’s preferences. The Classic 3 platform and Training Room both host two-on-two battles, with varying degrees of difficulty in each. For one-on-one practice, head to the more basic Training room.

a treehouse

Tree Fort is based on Adventure Time characters Finn and Jake’s tree house. The adorable two-story hut has a trampoline gimmick that helps characters who are horizontal get vertical.


Aside from the show, the trampoline huts have a purpose. The lower level of the map is surrounded by two tree branch-rooms that can be demolished by the players. Two small platforms are located on the upper level for players to walk on. While the lower level is removed in one-on-one combat, the destructible rooms remain.

Haunted House of Scooby-Doo

In Scooby’s Haunted Mansion, the spooky hearth and dim lights are based on the iconic Kingston Mansion.

With destructible walls on both sides of stage, this map is similar to Batman’s Batcave. Despite the fact that it’s just one platform, the dangers are lethal. If the walls are attacked, the bottom turns into a lethal pit, making this simple location much more difficult.


The E.D.G.E. of Trophy

With maps like Batcave and Haunted Mission already available, Trophy E.D.G.E was created as a way of honoring the game’s surviving heroes, so the developer threw in a few extra nods.

It pays tribute to Game of Thrones, Looney Tunes, Green Lantern, and more with Trophy E.D.G.E. The map also has two pillars that move back and forth on each end. has compiled a list of every MultiVersus map and what they’re based on.