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Hedge Fund Billionaire Pays $44 Million For What Might Be The Most Ridiculous Mansion In Los Angeles

The 1.2-acre estate, referred to in marketing materials as the “Brentwood Oasis,” is home to a number of sporting amenities like a gym, a sports simulator, and a three-hole putting green. It also has a basketball half-court.



Hedge fund billionaire Jeff Feinberg is the new owner of a large estate in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood that’s kind of like a sports fan’s dream home. According to the Wall Street Journal, developer Ramtin Ray Nosrati created and constructed the house on spec before selling it to Feinberg for $44 million.

The estate, identified as the “Brentwood Oasis” in marketing materials, sprawls across 1.2 acres and boasts a variety of sports amenities including a basketball half-court, a gym, a sports simulator, a three-hole putting green, and both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. LeBron James and the late Kobe Bryant are prominently featured on paintings of basketball players around the interior of the Oasis, and there is a so-called “fun area” with a built-in television wall exclusively for viewing sports.

Developer Nosrati has become known for cannabis-related features in many of his architectural projects, and this particular property was designed and built with a cannabis garden complete with cannabis plants installed on top of the roof. Prior to finalizing the sale of the mansion, Feinberg asked that the cannabis be replaced with other plants, such as carrots and cucumbers.

This property is now among the most expensive in Los Angeles this year thanks to the $44 million sale. Per marketing materials, other notable features found in the home include a separate two-story guest house, a 1000-gallon dual-sided aquarium, and an “automobile showroom separated by floor-to-ceiling glass walls that open to an expansive lounge anchored by a 9-TV media wall.”

Watch the following video from the Exotic Mansion Tour YouTube Channel to see the Brentwood Oasis: