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Healthcare experts held panel discussion to reach at-risk patients

SAN ANTONIO – Experts from across the healthcare system are trying to reach at-risk patients here in Texas.



CAPITAL OF TEXAS, SAN ANTONIO – Health professionals from all throughout Texas are making an effort to communicate with high-risk patients.

Photo Caption: WOAI

On Wednesday, MolinaCares Accord hosted a virtual panel discussion to examine some of the issues confronted by vulnerable populations such as the elderly, the uninsured, and those with low incomes.

One concern, according to the group, is that people without health insurance frequently utilize emergency rooms for issues that aren’t emergencies.


A total of $880,000 were spent by the government in 2020 on emergency room visits that could have been avoided, according to the panel’s findings.

“Additionally, there are 171 rural counties out of a total of 254 in Texas, thus reducing the availability of medical services in the state. Longer journeys are required to access even primary care, “nursing professor Dr. Cynthia Weston of Texas A&M University.

Over a third of Texas’s over 650,000 uninsured patients are under the age of 18.

Getting patients’ physical and mental needs checked before they end up in the ER is one way the panel is attempting to help them, they say.