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Guild eliminated in lower bracket and yet they did not lose team morale

APAC gets top seed points in the upper half of the bracket.



Ascent was the final map to end in a 13-4 victory for Guild.

On their attack side, PRX pushed their momentum into Fracture. So far in Masters, Guild has largely chosen a sluggish style of play, keeping their defensive executes for the post-plant scenarios. It took PRX three rounds before Guild began to play more aggressively, pulling back when necessary and allowing f0rsakeN to immediately push into Sayf’s Tour de Force. Guild adjusted their tempo and earned themselves a frugal round.

Guild continued to successfully undertake retakes in this manner. Nevertheless, as mindfreak started to read these plays from Guild, he began to direct his usefulness more toward securing the post-plant for PRX. These two playing philosophies continued to clash, and each round, the sides tried to outsmart one another by switching up their tactics. The score at the break was 6-6.

The coaches on each side were clearly upset by the lack of momentum that could help either team as the second half of the map resembled the first in many ways. The map appeared to have no end in sight and to go on forever.


After both teams flipped the map in the 24th round and PRX was able to get a defuse without much resistance from Guild, Guild was finally able to bring themselves to match point at 12-11. Fracture was given an extension.

However, PRX returned on their trademark map and won the two rounds they required. Since their squad couldn’t have won without f0rsakeN, PRX placed a void in their celebratory photo.

The winner of today’s game between FPX and Fnatic will now face PRX in the upper bracket. On July 17 at 10 AM CT, they will play their next game.

The Guild now compete in the lower division, where they still have a chance to advance. At 10 a.m. CT on July 16, they’ll perform.