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Gronk And Tom Brady Sign New Contracts With Tampa Bay

In order to continue with the organization and do the whole thing again, both players have now re-signed new contracts with them. Brady got a four-year deal worth over $50 million, and Gronk inked a one-year deal worth $10 million.



Together with the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski comprised a pretty solid squad that recently won the Super Bowl. Now, both players have re-signed new contracts with the team to stay on and try the whole thing again, Brady signing a four-year deal worth almost $50 million and Gronk signing a one-year deal worth $10 million.

Gronk spoke about his own deal enthusiastically in a recent TMZ Sports interview, saying “I’m back, man!” and that “I will be back playing football, man. I adore watching football. I had a great time last year. I enjoyed myself a lot.”

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Brady’s four-year contract deal would take him well past his stated goal of playing until he turns 45, so many supporters feel that the quarterback, who is 43 years old, doesn’t really expect to play all of those years. But, as he did multiple times with the New England Patriots, the deal was creatively engineered to keep as much of the team as possible together and keep the Bucs under their salary cap. Even still, Brady’s new deal is substantial; in addition to the base salary, it includes a reputed $20 million signing bonus ($15 million of which will be postponed until next year), a second $20 million roster bonus, and millions in other postseason performance incentives. Simply put, Brady will earn $26.075 million this year alone and an extra $23.925 million in 2022. (barring any additional raises, which are likely if he continues playing at his current rarified level).

Despite everything, the contract reportedly ended up saving the team roughly $20 million, according to ESPN:

“According to sources, the Buccaneers will save $19 million against the cap as a result of the trade. The extra voidable years are included to cover the expense. Brady made yet another effort to keep as many members of the squad as possible together.”

Brady and Gronk each won their fourth Super Bowl this year, and they will now officially remain in Tampa to try to win their eighth and fifth championships, respectively.