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Genshin Impact: It was a spring evening in the Courtyard

Details on the characters.



All of the Golden Apple Archipelago’s special domains are available for you to explore throughout the main story quest on the island. With all the focus on Kazuha, we learn a lot about his background during this mission. Along the way, you’ll encounter a number of puzzles that you’ll need to solve.

As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared can be cleared by following these instructions.

When the Courtyard Was in Bloom: In the first place,

The second act of the Golden Apple Archipelago quest gives you entry to this realm. After returning to the island, you’ll be awakened from a nap by a talking boat and a squirrel. You’ll also be tasked with investigating the distant islands, which appear to be acting strangely.


You’ll find that Kazuha is missing when you arrive at the first location. A note purporting to be from Kazuha’s father can be found on a table in the next room. The Utility Chamber, the room after that, has a lever you must pull to begin the game’s first puzzle.

A green projectile can be fired from a drum that can be activated. Lights protrude from the top of the turrets to steer the shot in a certain direction. You want to aim the projectile at the floating maple leaf at the end. The green shot must be guided toward the maple leaf by rotating the turrets.

Enter the Chamber of Mystery. In order to modify the drum’s color, place a Maple Leaf on top of it. Change the color to yellow to make it stand out. To the right, aim the turret. Two more turrets can be found to the right. To gain access to this treasure, arrange them as shown.

Continue your exploration of the house by entering the next room. Defeat the opponents in the second undiscovered chamber to obtain the golden maple leaf. If the shot misses your chest, go back to the first room and swap turrets to fix the problem. Enter the third chamber. Melodic Omamori cards can be found. Place these cards in specific shrines to advance.


Card one can be found at this spot. Make sure to place this card in the rightmost shrine.

Card two’s location:

A basic spiral staircase leads to the room’s last area. Just climb the stairs, pick up Omamori, and then place them in shrines as you go. After that, you’re free to go on to the next domain.

Here, you can find an optional chest. By defeating foes in the second Unknown Chamber, you can obtain a yellow maple leaf. Fire the yellow drum to gather the final maple leaf in the third Unknown Chamber, then head to the fourth Unknown Chamber. Pass through a final unknown chamber after changing into a red drum.


During the Spring, the Courtyard Previously Known: The Second Domain

Prior to entering the second realm, you must travel to a predetermined place, battle several adversaries, and obtain a rock and a bonsai tree from a designated location. After that, return to the domain and place these objects in the designated location. Following, you’ll be taken to the next domain.

You need to find an Omamori, which you can do by inserting it into a shrine that is close to you. This will allow you to take advantage of a wind current. You’ll find a lever at the end of the passageway.

The room will be rotated by pressing the lever. On the bottom, you’ll find an Omamori. To find a hole in the earth, collect the Omamori and go deeper into the room.


After you’ve set up your turrets, hit the drum for some serious power. As a result, another wind current is set off by the shrine being unlocked. The Omamori must be collected. Return to your original place by following the wind current. The final Omamori can then be inserted into the shrine.

Turn the room around. You’ll discover a Maple Leaf at the bottom of the page. When you return to your starting point, you’ll be able to customize the neighboring drum’s color. The Omamori can only be obtained if the turrets are configured correctly. Re-rotate the shrine and insert the Omamori.

Fight your way inside the nearby dojo and take out the adversary. Turn around and go to the bottom of the nearby room. To rotate the room again, you’ll find another lever there.

This Omamori can be yours:


After that, gather Omamori:

Rotate the room once more before placing the Omamoris in the shrines. Taking this path will get you out of the building.

Use the lever in the next chamber to spin it. After you’ve configured the turrets correctly, you can move on.

Dojo fights are going on again. Once you’ve defeated the adversaries and located Kazuha, a black-and-white sidescrolling event will begin.


This is the end of this section of the quest, and you will now be able to enter the last zone of the game.

During the Spring, the Courtyard Once Upon a Time: Subsequent Area of Focus

You’ll have to go to a designated place, battle some monsters, and then locate some useful goods, just like in the previous domain. The ultimate domain can be unlocked with the use of these goods.

After firing the drum behind you, insert the Omamori into the shrine next door. In order to solve these riddles, you’ll have to hop from building to building and insert Omamoris into shrines.


Note: You’ll want to get this Echoing Conch while you’re here. In the middle of your main route, it’s impossible to miss.

Here, you’ll want to get an Echoing Conch. Your main route will make sure you don’t miss it. Two Seelies will be following you from here on out. To reach the domain’s finish, stick with these seelies. You’ll encounter a lot of foes on your journey, so make sure you have a strong crew with you.

The domains have been exhausted. Complete these domains as quickly as possible to activate the Misty Hills event at the end of this quest