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Fox News is sticking with its original decision and will not apologize for airing a bogus meme of a federal judge who ordered the FBI to search Trump’s home

The network shared a photo of magistrate Bruce Reinhardt to make it look as though he was in the company of convicted sex trafficker Ghislane Maxwell.



Fox News is standing by its decision to use a doctored image of the judge who authorized the FBI’s search of former president Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, home.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” substitute host, Brian Kilmeade, concluded the show with a doctored image showing American magistrate Bruce Reinhart seemingly aboard a plane with convicted sex trafficker Ghislane Maxwell.

The Twitter meme featured Jeffrey Epstein’s wife massaging Reinhart’s feet. Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted sex offender.

After the image aired at the conclusion of his analysis, Kilmeade seemed uncertain. “Now here is a photo of Bruce Reinhart. The magistrate in charge of the warrant is shown here. If he releases it next, we’ll watch to see. He said, “He likes whiskey and Oreos.


Sean Hannity, a Fox News personality, took over after Kilmeade and noted that the picture was fake.

The on-air correction, though, seemed unsure. Hannity replied, “I think that’s actually a photo of Jeffrey Epstein with [Reinhart’s] head on it.

Fox News claims that the image was presented as a joke, but the egregiously offensive slip-up occurs as the conservative network is being sued twice for publicizing rumors about fraud in the 2020 election that were supported by Trump’s lawyers.

All day Friday, the program received criticism on social media.


Unbelievable. Kilmeade provides a false image of Ghislaine Maxwell hanging out with the judge who granted the search warrant that I have seen circulating on right-wing social media. This is Kilmeade and this is Fox. He ought to file a lawsuit because crap like this has to cost them. Tweeted by Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski). 12 August 2022

Kilmeade stated in a tweet on Friday that the image was altered and that the humor in its presentation was intentional.

Kilmeade did not, however, offer an apology, and a Fox News spokeswoman indicated the subject will not be covered on Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which will instead feature former Hawaii congressman Tulsi Gabbard (D).

The provocative meme was used when it was claimed Reinhart had gotten death threats for ordering the search of Mar-A-Lago, where FBI investigators found records. The bureau is looking into claims that after leaving office, Trump took secret materials out of the White House.


Due to the threats, Reinhart’s biography and contact details were taken down from the Southern District of Florida US District Court website.

Reinhart’s political contributions have been questioned by Fox News, which has also published disparaging images of the judge. Additionally, the network has featured analysts and Trump’s Republican allies who have suggested that the FBI fabricated evidence to implicate him.

This article first appeared in the Los Angeles Times.