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Former Royal Chef Recreates her Go-to Cake for Afternoon Tea With Prince Charles

This cake is bursting with the flavors of autumn. It features the flavor combinations of tart apples, warming cinnamon, toffee-like dates, and crunchy pecans .



Former royal cook Carolyn Robb prepares a hearty Glazed Apple, Date, and Pecan Cake for Prince Charles’ afternoon tea guests in this episode of Royal Eats.

The Royal Family would frequently go pheasant hunting in the fall at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Castle in Norfolk, England, where Robb would subsequently hand-pluck the pheasants for the family’s meals. On 20,000 acres of luscious organic apple orchards, the castle is situated. This cake, which is brimming with fresh fruit and toasty spices and is the ideal reward after a strenuous day of hunting, was inspired by freshly harvested apples.

Robb urges sifting all of the dry ingredients in order to remove any lumps and provide a light foundation for the various mix-ins. Crates of locally harvested apples were personally delivered to her kitchen when she worked at Sandringham. The cake gains additional moisture from the juice released by the softening, crisp apples as they bake.

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Robb also argues in favor of including dates in desserts. The rich caramel notes of the dates in this recipe provide the ideal counterpoint to the seasonal flavors. The inside of the cake has a lot of texture and some chopped pecans.

Robb ups the ante with a show-stopping apple design and apricot glaze, even though the cake is exquisite on its own. She demonstrates how to make this apple, date, and pecan cake in the video up top. For your upcoming afternoon tea, bake one!

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