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FIFA 22 Summer Swaps Rewards: What Should You Take?

Summer Swaps Rewards went live in FIFA 22 on Friday, July 8. Throughout late June and July, EA Sports released many Summer Swaps tokens in FUT through store packs, SBCs, and objectives, that can be exchanged for rewards. Here are the best rewards to take.



On Friday, July 8, Summer Swaps Rewards became available in FIFA 22. EA Sports distributed several Summer Swaps tokens in FUT through store packs, SBCs, and objectives in late June and early July.

These tokens can be exchanged for different Summer Swaps prize combinations. The top reward combinations for the FIFA 22 Summer Swaps are shown here.

5 additional heroic shapeshifters from Team 4 of the Grand Finale are now available in FIFA 19: on July 8, 2022, EA SPORTS FIFA (@EASPORTSFIFA)

FIFA 22’s Best Summer Swap Rewards


Here are the Summer Swaps Rewards that are still available in FIFA 22:

study and make (e.g. Cadillac)

82+ Rare Players x25 Pack – 1 Token

83+ Rare Players x25 Pack for 2 Tokens


84+ Rare Players x25 Pack for 3 Tokens

Icon Moments 4 Tokens Schmeichel, Peter

85 Rare Players x20 Pack for 5 Tokens

Shapeshifters player pick, 7 tokens (1 of 3)


91+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick for 9 Tokens (1 of 4)

Shapeshifters Kimpembe 10 Tokens (92 OVR)

93+ Shapeshifters Player Pick for 15 Tokens (1 of 5)

Icon Moments 20 Tokens Cafu


Player Pick: 23 Tokens – 95+ Shapeshifters (1 of 5)

Player Pick: 25 Tokens – 92+ Icon Moments (1 of 3)

Shapeshifters Kimpembe: 27 Tokens (95 OVR)

96+ EFIGS for 30 Tokens TOTS Player Selection (1 of 5)


Prime Icon: 33 Tokens Ronaldinho

94+ Icon Moments with 36 Tokens Gamer Choice (1 of 4)

Icon Moments 40 Tokens Zidane

Throughout the Summer Swaps program, 50 tokens are offered. Big packs to gain Shapeshifter stuff, TOTS players, and lots of player packs are among the goodies.


You can spend 18 tokens on the four Rare player packs if you want a lot of players for SBCs or a chance to pack a Shapeshifters card. You can presently afford this reward for Shapeshifters Team 4 if you have earned all of the tokens available to you, or you can put it aside for the forthcoming FUTTIES promotion.

Alternately, if you want to focus only on players, Presnel Kimpembe of the Shapeshifters, who has a rating of 95, is someone you should absolutely aim for. In FIFA 22, Kimpembe has undoubtedly been the most broken defender, and his 95 CAM card can be used pretty much anywhere. He will still be the most overpowering defender in the game whether he switches to CDM or CB, though, as he has more than enough connections to build chemistry.

Moments of Icon Even though Zinedine Zidane is a fantastic ultimate prize for 40 tokens, you’re better off passing on him and Ronaldinho in favor of one of the Shapeshifters or TOTS packs because even many Icon cards are falling below the current FIFA 22 power curve in favor of the newest special cards.

The finest incentives to accept in any combination, if you manage to earn all 50 Summer Swaps Tokens, are listed below.


30 Tokens: 96+ EFIGS TOTS 36 Tokens: 94+ Icon Moments (1 of 4) (1of 5)

Tokens: 95 CAM Kimpembe for 27.

95+ ShapeShifters for 23 Tokens (1of 5)

95+ EFIGS TOTS for 17 tokens (1of 5)


93+ ShapeShifters for 15 Tokens (1of 5)

You can get an excellent combination of rewards and without wasting any tokens if you combine the 95 Kimpembe with the 93+ Shapeshifters player pick, 84+ x25 Player Pack, and 85+ x20 Player Pack. If you haven’t already, let us know which prizes you intend to accept from the FIFA 22 Summer Swaps.