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FBI Releases Texts That Could Shed Light on Trump’s Actions

Bloomberg reports on an email Thread in which the House panel investigating the assault on the US Capitol is asking of the Secret Service to turn over text messages.



about him. The texts could shed light on those concerns.

Key text messages sent by Secret Service agents on January 5 and 6 were deleted from the computer system by the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General.

As previously reported, the witness account of Trump’s outburst on Jan. 6 has been reexamined.

When Joseph Cuffari, the Inspector General’s office requested a copy of the texts as part of its investigation into the assault, they were accidentally deleted, he wrote to the committee. When the committee asked him to, he said he’d be glad to.


OIG’s staff was repeatedly told by Homeland Security personnel, “that they were not permitted to provide records directly to OIG and that such records had to first undergo review by DHS attorneys. In the letter, Cuffari wrote that this review “caused weeks-long delays in OIG obtaining records and created confusion as to whether all records had been produced,” he wrote.

“We take strong issue with these categorically false claims and I will be responding in detail shortly,” Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted Thursday night. It was left unanswered.

It is important for us to get as much information about how this discrepancy occurred and then proceed from there,” Thompson said when asked if the committee planned to interview Secret Service agents.

It has been updated with Inspector General’s letter, Secret Service reply.)


Most The Bloomberg Businessweek article was a good read.