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Family Of Late Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Says He May Not Have Left A Will

In order to deal with “commercial obligations and commitments that require money from assets that are currently frozen,” Hisieh’s father and brother are also asking for special legal powers.



Even though Hsieh passed away last month at the age of only 46, it’s still astonishing that someone with his level of wealth and business savvy would have waited that long to make a will in case the worst happened.

Tony’s family claims in recent court documents that they have “no knowledge of the existence of a completely signed estate plan” and that they “sincerely believe” he never created one. In order to see if he left any clues about Tony’s motivations, they are petitioning a judge for authorization to search his safety deposit boxes. In order to handle “commercial obligations and commitments that require funding from assets that are currently frozen,” Tony’s father and brother are apparently now seeking special legal powers.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Peace be with you, Tony.

And everyone out there with money to protect – make a will!

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