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Extreme heat affecting your home

The horrendous heat and dry climate not only affects your body physically, but affects where you live.



The oppressive heat and dry weather have an impact on both where you reside and your physical health.

According to a foundation specialist, this year’s high heat and dearth of rainfall have been worse than in previous years.

Caption: Homes are affected by the dry, hot weather.

“As the earth shrinks, the house begins to sink with it as it begins to dry up, and the trunk, trees, and shrubs aggravate this by sucking more moisture out of the soil, “explains John Campbell, an Olshan Foundation Repair Certified Structural Technician.


According to Campbell, foundation repairs can run into the thousands of dollars. “Our average work is $10-13 thousand in repairs,” he says.

He claims that because of the dry conditions and extreme heat, there are now three times as many calls as usual.

There are several strategies to avoid future foundation problems, but one property in particular has plummeted by two inches in just six months, according to him.

Root barriers on your trees to keep roots from reaching the home so they don’t suck that moisture from the soil, soaker hoses don’t function quite as effectively as drip watering.


Just as much as safeguarding your home’s cooling system, the foundation of your house needs to be protected. According to one HVAC specialist, air conditioners are working too hard.

“The unit itself, if you’re used to it running 2 to 3 hours, may be running 5 or 6 hours or more because of the heat, so it’s running longer than it should to get to the target temperature, “Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning’s Matthew Perry makes this statement.

According to Perry, if your AC is operating over its capacity, having a qualified technician inspect the AC in your home might help identify potential cooling strategies.

Other contributing aspects could be windows, heat load inside the house, how many people reside there, how often do the doors open and close, and whether or not there is any shade.