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Experts are divided about how the release of the FBI’s report could affect Trump

The redacted version of an FBI affidavit will be released Friday. It will set to come out that day.



The federal judge who oversaw the Mar-a-Lago search has said the document will be made public on Friday with redactions.

Experts in law and national security have warned that the report could hurt Trump’s presidency.

They said it might help shed light on the FBI’s investigation.

Legal experts predict more bad news for the former president after a federal judge ordered the release of an affidavit used in the FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.


On Thursday, Judge Bruce Reinhart mandated that the document be made public by Friday at noon ET, albeit with redactions made by the Justice Department.

However, the DOJ successfully argued that making all of the evidence public could compromise its ongoing investigation, so it redacted portions of the document describing the evidence supporting the warrant used in the August 8 search.

Agents’ belief that Trump may have violated the Espionage Act (which prohibits mishandling information sensitive to US national security) was revealed in the warrant itself.

However, legal experts agree that even with redactions, the document will still be damaging to Trump.


The former president has tried to paint the search as the work of his political enemies on the basis of scant evidence; however, the document will likely indicate the strength of the evidence on which the FBI acted, they said.

“I can’t imagine that Trump is going to be happy with this document,” John Dean, an attorney and the key witness in the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon, told CNN on Thursday.

“Trump will not receive many positive marks from that report. As a result, I anticipate that Donald Trump will be extremely dissatisfied with the results of his investigation.”

Attorney Bradley Moss, who specializes in national security matters, agrees.


“I don’t think Trump’s people realize how bad this could look for him tomorrow, regardless of the outcome. Obviously, this won’t end well “Using Twitter, he communicated with others.

After the National Archives and Records Administration discovered classified information in a batch of documents Trump had returned to them in February, Moss said the documents could provide details about what happened between then and August, when the search was conducted.

He also mentioned that the paperwork might indicate a “movement or relocation” of files from a Mar-a-Lago storage room. The New York Times previously reported that agents became concerned after seeing footage of people entering and exiting the storage room at Mar-a-Lago, prompting them to request their search warrant on the resort.

While the general public may be “very disappointed” by the document, national-security attorney Mark Zaid warned on PBS that experts may gain interesting new insights into the probe despite the document’s likely extensive redactions.


Trump has demanded that the affidavit be released in its entirety, unredacted, and has attempted to portray efforts to withhold information as attempts to hide evidence of the plot against him. The ex-president has consistently portrayed himself as the target of Democratic allies and a hostile “deep state.”

This tactic backfired this week, however, when Trump ally John Solomon published a letter from the National Archivist to Trump’s attorneys in May, detailing the volume of classified information Trump took home with him.

Solomon claimed the letter proved the White House was plotting against Trump, but experts said it revealed the highly classified nature of the information Trump had held at Mar-a-Lago and the FBI’s urgent desire to inspect it.

Zaid predicted that Trump’s situation would worsen as more details became public.


He said that the Trump team’s legal arguments and public policy posture are being undermined by the increasing flow of information that runs counter to what they’ve been saying and encouraging.

Insider’s request for comment from Trump’s representatives went unanswered.