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Ex-Vikings LB alleges Mike Zimmer did not respect Kirk Cousins

There has been a revelation about the disappointing Zimmer era in Minnesota.



New developments have emerged in Mike Zimmer’s departure as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, at least for those who are not directly involved in the team. Ben Leber, a former linebacker with the Minnesota Vikings, had no problem with Kirk Cousins signing a new contract with the organization after the team fired defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer following another poor season in 2021. But it’s Leber’s recent revelations that are drawing attention.

He believes that the three-time Pro Bowler might have an explosive season in 2022, not just because of the new head coach, but also because Leber believes Zimmer and Cousins were never on the same page when they were in the same room..

Specifically, he believes that Zimmer had reservations about using Cousins in the first place.

On CBS Sports Radio, Leber said, “It’s time for him to really blossom, really prosper, in an environment and a coach that truly respects him.” What I am saying is that Mike Zimmer did not like Kirk Cousins, and I am not breaking any new ground here. Moreover, I believe that Kirk’s demeanor and demeanor were a reflection of this attitude. I think the head coach just didn’t like him, and he wasn’t allowed to earn the respect of the team.”


Zimmer had been the head coach of the Vikings since 2014, when Cousins signed a then-historic fully guaranteed contract. A combined 33-31 record and one playoff appearance in the divisional round in 2019 proves to be a disappointing end to the tandem’s four-year career. Leber goes a step further in suggesting that Zimmer hated Cousins and/or lacked faith in his ability to lead the club, which was obvious.

Although Zimmer was hailed as a defensive expert, the former NFL linebacker blames the defense for leaving Cousins and the Vikings offense out to dry more than once for the team’s previous poor seasons.

Klatt Kubiak, the team’s inexperienced offensive coordinator last season, led a top-10 attack, according to him. In terms of defense, where did they rank last year??” Thirty-first. They were placed 27th the year before that. As a result, Kirk and this offense may be vilified, with critics claiming that “we can’t win with him or with this offense.” I think that’s a bunch of BS. With the shoddy defense we’ve had the last two years, we couldn’t win. When it mattered most in the games, we couldn’t stop any two-minute attack and couldn’t stop the run either. The defense has been this team’s greatest weakness, in my opinion.

Leber feels that Cousins and Co. will make a lot of noise in 2022 if the defense plays up to its potential, with Zimmer gone and the accompanying fracture.


To make noise in the playoffs, “all this team needs to do is play solid team defense and finish in the mid-teens at the conclusion of the season.”