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Everyone is still anxious about tonight’s main event

Brian Ortega reveals his M.O.



This week, there has been a lot of speculation that Yair Rodriguez, if he defeats Brian Ortega on Saturday in the main event of UFC on ABC 3 in Elmont, New York, will go on to compete for the featherweight championship.

Although Rodriguez has been publicly quoted as saying as such, he acknowledges that is not what was promised.

He was informed that if he triumphs, he may go on to challenge for the title. But he was unable to.

There are no promises made.


However, Rodriguez’s prediction of what will occur in the Octagon on Saturday afternoon may be the only thing he can guarantee as he prepares for what would likely be his last battles before turning 30.

Crazy, he declared. “Probably a lot of stuff going on.”

Since he entered the UFC in 2016, Rodriguez’s style has been crazy exciting. Rodriguez was intended to be the start of a wave of exceptional MMA fighters from Mexico joining the company, according to UFC president Dana White.

Mexicans place a high value on fighting, and many of the finest boxers and most famous battles in history came from their country.


When White started trying to expand into Mexico, Rodriguez was the kind of fighter he had in mind: aggressive, brave, constantly attacking, and very exciting.

The bulk of Mexican boxers fight in this way, and Rodriguez has adapted it for MMA. In half of his 10 UFC fights (excluding his no-contest win over Jeremy Stephens), he has been in the Fight of the Night, and he has also earned Performance of the Night three times. It looks to be a crazy fight given that Ortega, an American of Mexican ancestry, has won three Fight of the Night bonuses and one Performance of the Night award in his last five fights.

Despite the fact that Rodriguez enjoys putting on a show, his situation has changed since he first joined the UFC. He is currently ranked third at position 145 and is about to get his first title opportunity. In October, he turns 30. He knows what it takes to compete at the top level because he has battled the finest in the world.

In his most recent fight, a Fight of the Night clash in Las Vegas that garnered him a lot of attention, he lost by decision to former champion Max Holloway. But at this point in his career, he isn’t really concerned about accolades and admiration from the general public.


If you look at it that way, a defeat is a terrific teaching moment, but it also isn’t a victory, Rodriguez added. It’s a slight setback for my career, a loss. However, I took something positive away from that conflict because I learned from it. Max was quite experienced, and he shared some of his knowledge with me. He demonstrated to me the importance of maintaining my plan and adhering to it in place of acting erratically or doing insane things.

Rodriguez enjoys performing leaping and spinning maneuvers, and his spinning back elbow submission of Chan Sung Jung is still regarded as one of the best finishes in the illustrious history of the UFC.

The scrambles and fast speed that come with Ortega’s style are inevitable, but he doesn’t want to get caught up in the feelings of the moment.

Speaking of styles, Rodriguez remarked, “Brian Ortega is a pretty challenging opponent and a really explosive person. “I have to be cautious throughout the scrambles to avoid placing myself in dangerous situations. I must keep my errors to a minimum. I must constantly be aware of what is happening and where we are since he is quite skilled at exploiting those spots during scrambles.


Rodriguez is typically intense, but this week he has a sharper edge because he understands the gravity of the situation. Any fighter’s next fight is always their most crucial one, although there are times when a defeat is not fatal.

It would be terrible, if not fatal, to lose in this situation given how near we are to a championship shot. He simply wants to leverage the knowledge gained from his battles with former champions Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar to push the UFC to pick him to compete for the title.

He will put all of his attention on his performance because that is the only thing he can control.

Rodriguez stated, “I’ve fought all these guys, and you add things after you fight them and put them away. “And sooner or later, you stop being the rookie or the young man and become the veteran because you’ve added all these skills and learnt all these things. I’m starting this fight there, and I’m pretty certain about it.